3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 19, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 19, 2021

Sometimes the stars do not align. And, for the three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on September 19, 2021, there's a reason why Sunday is tougher than the rest.

While this Sunday is bringing peace and security to many, there are several zodiac signs who are hitting tough times, and astrology explains why.

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, the Moon is in Pisces, and while this is providing a real-life dream world for many people, for others this is only creating disillusion.

You may find yourself lost in your own thoughts, consumed by your imagination as a resort to escapism.

During this time you may feel avoidant of your responsibilities as they feel much too difficult to navigate. In turn, you agree without meaning, creating only bigger problems for you to resolve later.

Which three zodiac signs will have a rough day on September 19, 2021, according to astrology?

For Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius zodiac signs the only solution to getting your way is to manipulate people.

Is it truly getting what you want if you have to bend someone's will to obtain it? This may feel good at the moment, however, as time goes on the guilt will begin to eat you alive.

The Moon is also trine with Venus in Scorpio on Sunday which can be problematic for Virgos, Scorpios, and Aquarius zodiac signs on Sunday.

Under this astrological aspect, many zodiac signs are finding resolve, peace, and so much love.

However, for few, this will be entirely avoidance of their problems to keep the peace when the answer really lies in the ability to walk away.

These times are rough and so heavy with emotion. However, hope is not lost. Being aware of yourself and your energy can still help you save this day and make it not as rough as it has the potential to become.

Zodiac signs who will have a rough day on September 19, 2021:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, these misconceptions about you that live in the minds of others are slowly tearing you apart. When will they see you for who you are?

You may find yourself battling against those you care most for so that they may understand you, however, this feels like a losing battle and another rough day in the books.

They are so quick to judge but never take the time to understand.

People may presume you to be lazy and incapable of completing what needs to be done later.

However, no one is taking a moment to understand that you are entirely burned out. You have had the weight of the world on your shoulders, not only taking care of yourself but others.

When is it your turn to experience the compassion you are pouring into others as you nurture them back to health? Who is there for you when you feel the world is falling apart, without judgment, without shame?

You have faults. Just like any under the zodiac you are an imperfect human. People may tend to view you in ways of black and white terms, expecting perfection.

Any slip in this formula and they assume you are defective. Take care of your heart when no one else has the compassion to. You are only doing your best.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, today's issue lies within your reputation, making this a rough day to save your own name. This may appear to be a day of loss, especially within the public eye. People may be exiting your life, loudly, as you lose what you have been trying to accumulate.

You may not have control over these endings. People have their own free will and if they choose to leave and take what is theirs, it is their right. If you try to fight against this it may be viewed as manipulative. Your arguments against this won’t be heard in this emotional influx.

You can view this as the end or you can turn it around as an opportunity to start over.

Scorpio, you are adaptable, even when you’re facing the end of the earth. You are resourceful and quick on your feet. Yes, this is a great loss and may leave you panicked about what is to come. However, as long as you adjust, the days to follow hold so much potential.

This could be a blessing in disguise. You may not be serving your authentic self on the path you are currently on. This could lead you to a place where you can express yourself without limitations and find people who truly honor and respect your presence. Hope is not yet lost.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, on this day we find you in solitude, something you are familiar with but may fear. This will be a rough day for you, especially as you recognize that in your loneliness it is being echoed back to you that the people you crave are no longer in your life.

You have a fierce independence streak...is it to a fault?

You may not let it be known how deeply you desire to be loved by the right person, however, you find it difficult to let this person in. Exposing yourself and your secrets is something that you can find to be thrilling, however, in this you find yourself fearful as well.

As you accumulate what you desire in your life you are finding that the person you want to share it with isn’t there. This may feel as though you are stuck on an infinite loop, where you find hope once more, carry on, and once again find yourself feeling lonely even in a crowd.

How can anyone love you the way you have always wished if you don’t let them in? Do not make agreements in partnerships you know are filling the void and silence. You deserve a love that makes your heart beat wildly, naturally, and without hesitation.

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