3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Stabbed In The Back By Friends During Pluto Retrograde Starting September 5, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Stabbed In The Back By Friends Starting September 5, 2021

As if the universe didn't hand over enough bad news, for three zodiac signs who will be stabbed in the back by friends, Pluto retrograde at the last degrees in Capricorn is an astrology nightmare.

Eek! This is one heck of a crazy retrograde seasonal transit that lasts an entire month, and even though there's no way to just 'sit this one out' we'd be well advised to take things slowly starting September 5, 2021, and to think before we act.

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What we're talking about is Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn, which not only is at the heart of all destructive moves - it makes sure those moves are cold and calculated.

In other words, we're looking at premeditated awfulness.

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These are the days when you find out a friend has it in for you. Shock and awe! How did this happen? That's exactly how it works. One minute you think everything is dandy, and the next - you're pulling the knife out of your back, and that weapon has your best friend's fingerprints all over it.

Pluto retrograde is just a heaping mess of destructive acts, and with the help of passing transit, Capricorn that lasts through October 6, 2021, all that destruction now has a vital brain behind it, making sure it's as destructive as it can get.

It's like a computer program with a virus; the virus isn't there until someone puts it there - that someone is our friend, Capricorn. And when we have Pluto retrograde IN Capricorn, it's like an open invitation to betrayal, backbiting, and backstabbing.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Stabbed In The Back By Friends During Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn Starting September 5, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You've never really been a trusting person, in fact, even when your heart is on the line, you still don't fully trust anyone. This is also what's protected you over the years. In a way, your lack of trust in the human race at large is your armor, and you have come to think it really works.

Enter Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Just when you thought you could work the world according to your own terms, in comes a situation you could never have predicted: a betrayal, perpetrated on you, by one of your good friends.

You thought that distrust was your protection, but in the end, it did nothing but allow for you to kid yourself.

You - like everyone else - are no match for the cosmic retrogrades, and you need to open your eyes up wide, now, Aries - there is someone amongst your ranks that is headed your way, and they are about to throw you under the bus. Heads up!

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You have always enjoyed helping others; it's in your nature to show care and concern, however, some of your methods aren't always appreciated. While you know that you're doing the right thing, you don't always allow any leeway for the one you are helping, meaning, your approach is a bit "my way or the highway."

You assume your way is the best and only way, so why would anyone who wanted your help want anything other than 'your way'?

Here's where you get to feel the slap of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Your friend - that person you guided so well, helped so kindly and assisted so gracefully?

They think you are full of sh*t, and they are going to let you know in no uncertain terms that they reject your 'help' because, they don't see what you do as helpful - they see what you do as egomaniacal and controlling. Oof! You didn't see that one coming. Brace yourself!

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Oh, the timing is so off in your world right now, Pisces. You've just made a personal transformation - you're doing well, things are starting to fall into place.

You feel confident, ready to forge on through this thing called life - and then, 'knock-knock'. Who's there? It's betrayal, at your door, ready to tack a problem on to your spiritual growth.

You have been doing so well, and then, Pluto retrograde transits the zodiac sign of Capricorn and all of a sudden, you're sinking into the mire of someone else's lack of growth.

A friend - someone who cannot bear to see you happy, is back. And all they want, or rather, all their inane jealousy demands is that you slink into misery - with them. And you thought you were rid of those negative people, Pisces.

Look again, there's someone waiting on your every move, waiting for you to fall. Don't let this inhibit your progress, but keep your eyes open.

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