3 Zodiac Signs Who Miss Out On Love During Moon Quintile Neptune Starting August 30, 2021

How we live our lives is up to us.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Miss Out On Love During Moon Quintile Neptune Starting August 30, 2021 Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock.com

When we miss out on something, like love, it's not because of some predestined slight - it's because we somehow put ourselves in the position of missing out.

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We are the writers of our own destiny, and while the stars are there to guide and influence us, how we live our lives is up to us.

Free will is a vast topic; if we believe in it, then we must also fully accept responsibility for things like 'missing out on love.'


The Moon Quintile Neptune doesn't make us miss out on love; it merely influences our mental state - we're the ones who must act. This transit brings out in us a lot of wariness and suspicion.

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It can also make us feel overly sensitive and self-protective, and as we all know, "self-protection" can very easily lead us into non-action. Hence, we miss out. On love, on opportunities, on action.

The Hindus call the world, "karma bhumi" which basically means the world of action.

Moon Quintile Neptune works the karma bhumi concept and shows up in our lives as fear of the unknown.


We don't miss out on love because we don't deserve to be happy; we miss out because we are too afraid to travel the roads of change.

The unknown is exactly that: unknown, and yet, many people tend to see the unknown as a negative place, something they'd rather not venture into for fear of being eaten alive. All is mind.

Who is going to miss out on love during Moon Quintile Neptune in Pisces?

Zodiac signs who miss out on Love During Moon Quintile Neptune Starting August 30, 2021 

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Once again, it's not that you're going to miss out on love, it's that you are unconsciously going to direct yourself away from it. Love is fine and dandy to you, you believe in it, and you want it in your life. You are not desperate for love, and so it's not high on your list of priorities.


What you're doing with this nonchalance is that you're using the Law of Attraction to create LESS love in your life. When you don't believe you need love, the universe responds by removing love.

It's a strange support system, and yet - it's flawless. So, you are going to miss out on love by creating a void in your psyche where love should be.

Love is "OK" to you, it's just not important - until you realize that you missed out on it. Then, who knows, you may just start to affirm the idea that love is necessary in your life.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Moon Quintile Neptune has a way with making you feel a little neurotic in terms of love, Scorpio. Your language is one of sexual prowess and power - you aren't fluent in the ways of romantic love.


Your experience is typical of one who overdoes the self-protection act. You overcompensate by being dominant and hyper-sexual - avoiding heartfelt emotions and sticky commitments.

You may very well miss out on love during this transit, simply because it scares you to your very core.

What would love do to you, you wonder? Will it weaken you? Will it make you into a addle-brained idiot who can only swoon for your paramour?

You so don't want that kind of vulnerability, and that is exactly what's going to create the condition for you to miss out on love. If a no-love life is really what you want, then you are in the process of manifesting it today.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

If anyone craves love and affection, it's you, Pisces. So, why then would you miss out on love? How could a cosmic transit affect something you feel so strongly about?

That's the kicker with Neptune-related influences - especially for those who are Pisces born...you want it so much that you don't know when it's real or not.

You are in love with love itself. This makes you an idealist, and it's very hard to be an idealist in love; in fact, idealism is the gateway to disappointment.


You'd like to think this love comes in the form of a romantic partner - but could an actual human being ever live up to your standards?

You may have someone banging on your door right now, ready, willing and able to give you everything you need - and yet, they're not good enough.

They don't live up to your expectations, and so you miss out on what they have to give. Nobody is perfect, and in love, this is a given.

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