3 Zodiac Signs Who Rush Into Love During The Moon Square Mars Starting On August 16, 2021

A wild cosmic play.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Rush Into Love Starting On August 16, 2021 Stanislaw Tokarski/Shutterstock.com

It's never good to rush into a relationship, but try telling that to certain zodiac signs, especially when the Moon squares Mars.

This week, the Moon squares Mars on August 16, 2021, and three zodiac signs will rush into love.

We come into this world and we are almost immediately programmed into thinking that we have certain goals to achieve.

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If we do not achieve these goals, we are not living our full lives - according to the expectations.

Those goals are made up of ideals, and rarely does any one person easily adapt into this kind of goal-oriented lifestyle.

We are expected to grow up, fall in love, get married and have kids. La de dah de dah.

Great expectations tend to belittle our real goals and feelings. If we all did what we were expected to do, then we'd be clones of each other, and that's just not the case - we're all individuals, and we all interpret the 'expectations of life' in different ways.

Still, we are, to a degree, trapped in our minds, and things like 'expectations' can last with us for a life time.


One of the harshest expectations to ditch is the one where we feel we are nothing without a partner.

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This is particularly harmful during a transit such as Moon Square Mars, on August 16th.

This transit plays on our need to fulfill a duty, and in this case, it's the cosmic play that makes us feel we need to rush into whatever romance we can get. Now, that's a recipe for disaster, right there.

Who's going to rush into love, starting August 16th?

Zodiac signs who rush into love during Moon square Mars starting on August 16, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Fearlessness is a part of your character, Aries, and that comes with impulsiveness and risk taking.


On August 16, you're going to throw all caution to the breeze and leap, head first, into new love - whether it feels right or not. You want it, and you're going to get it.

You don't believe in weighing the options, nor do you believe there's anything right or wrong with love; all you know is that you feel right about getting involved with this new person and that's exactly what you're about to do.

Mars in Virgo is pumping you up with nerve, and when Squared with the Moon, it's like you no longer want to keep it in your head - you want a real love. No more fantasy life for you.

You don't care if this person is 'right' for you or not. What is 'right' anyway? Some kind of perfect lover? You know that doesn't exist, and so you plunge on in, ready for whatever comes your way.


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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The reason you are about to leap into a new relationship is because, Virgo, you are desperate and you believe this is your only chance. You've bought into the idealism of expectation; if you are not partnered, then what would people say?

The last thing you want to know is that people are staring at you, wondering why you weren't able to nail down a lover - is there something wrong with you? Are you too ugly to be loved? These are the things that will go through your mind, even though they have nothing to do with reality.

You want to jump into love because of other people's expectations. You're not living your own life; you're living up to the expectations of your parents and some faux society that existed in the 1950's.


You have convinced yourself that being single is equivalent to death, so you choose anyone who will say yes to you. Yeah, Moon Square Mars in Virgo is a smack in the old face, wouldn't you agree?

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You rush into love because you need the help. Point blank, let's not mince words.


You couldn't care less about the love, but you need the person, because God knows you are up to your eyeballs in responsibility and wouldn't it be nice to just have an extra pair of hands around to help you out? Love is not what you want, but you'll fake it for the companionship.

It's not that you're cold, it's that you're living in the real world, and this particular real world hasn't given you enough extra time or manpower to handle it alone.

You need someone, and because Moon Square Mars just happens to be gliding on through your karmic plan, you grab what you can get and make the best of it.

The other person will fall in love with you, which is nice - but your love of them is not required in this relationship. Cold? No. Useful...and ironically: balanced.


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