Woman Refuses To Give Up Her Queen-Size Bed On A Girls Trip Even Though Her Plus-Sized Friend Asked For It

She was once the same size and never asked to switch beds.

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Going on a trip with friends is always fun, but it can also be challenging. There are different personalities to deal with, and often, they unexpectedly clash.

One woman learned just how difficult a girls' trip can be when her friend asked for a favor she didn’t want to give.

A woman’s plus-sized friend asked to switch beds with her so she could have a queen-size bed.

An anonymous woman in her thirties asked for advice on Reddit after she refused to give up her queen-size bed on a girls' trip.


“I am going on vacation with four of my friends. We go every year and always use a randomized selection tool to help us choose who gets which bedroom,” she wrote. The tool assigns the order in which we can choose. I got third choice, and my plus-size friend (Marie) got fifth choice.”


AITA for not giving my plus size friend the queen size bed in our b&b?

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Unfortunately, "it’s just way too expensive to get a place with five rooms and five queen beds," the woman wrote. Instead, they rented a place with three individual rooms with queen-sized beds and one room with two twin beds.

“The first three of us all chose the queen-size beds,” she continued. “The other two got twin beds and had to share a room. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s why we leave it up to chance, so nobody can complain.”

Everyone was fine with the option they ended up with, except Marie.

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“Marie asked me privately if we could switch places so she can have the queen-sized bed,” the woman wrote. “She is plus size, but [in my opinion] not so big she can’t fit in a twin bed.”

The woman explained that she had been in Marie’s shoes before, but she didn’t feel like the size of the bed was an issue.

I personally have lost over 100 pounds, and at my largest, was bigger than Marie is now,” she shared. “I never once asked to switch beds when I was bigger.”

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When she refused Marie's request, “she started crying and told me I was being unreasonable and that I, of all people, should understand."


"I do understand, but it’s my vacation too, and I’ve worked hard to be in a body I’m comfortable in." the woman concluded. "I don’t feel like I should give up my spot to accommodate her when she can still fit in the twin bed."

Reddit users agreed that Marie did not need to switch beds.

Most commenters on Reddit were on the woman's side and felt that Marie did not need a queen-sized bed.

“This is the agreed-upon method of determining beds. If she doesn’t like the results, then she shouldn’t have agreed to the setup," one user wrote. 

“I am plus size and can absolutely sleep in a twin bed,” another Redditor added. “Sure, a person who is much smaller would have an easier time in a twin, but I can totally sleep comfortably.”


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It's important to note that we don't have all the information here. It is possible that Marie would have difficulty in the twin bed — according to Amerisleep, standard twin bed frames, and mattresses typically have a weight limit of around 250 to 300 pounds. 

However, as the original poster claimed to have been larger than Marie and never had a problem sleeping in a twin bed, it may have been simply a matter of preference. 


While Marie might be more comfortable in a queen-sized bed, that can be said of most people. If she was truly concerned, it would have been better to say something prior to the room selection.

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