30 Best Friend Memes To Share With Your BFF On Friendship Day

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Best Friend Memes For Friendship Day

There's nothing quite like having a best friend — especially on National Friendship Day on August 2, 2020. While we may be fortunate enough to have many friendships throughout our lifetime, a best friend is more than that.

Even though you and your BFF might not be related by blood, it certainly feels like a familial connection. Your best friend is the person who wants you to be happy and successful in life, but she's also not afraid to speak up if she believes that someone or something is hurting your relationship instead of helping.

Our best friends are our protectors just as much as our source of joy. They are the people who we can confide in no matter what.

Nothing is off limits when it comes to conversations between best friends, because there's a level of trust there that we don't always have in regular friendships.

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In those other friendships, we might be afraid to be completely honest at the risk of upsetting the other person but not with a best friend. We love them and vice-versa, so absolutely we tell it like it is to each other.

That lack of fear is a testament to a true friendship and something that defines what it means to have a best friend. You may have some incredibly deep conversations together, but you'll have the most awesome time laughing together as well.

A best friend doesn't necessarily have to be just your closest friend; It can be your spouse or a family member too. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a best friend, which is why it's important to cherish the one - or ones - that you have.

With Friendship Day, it is the perfect opportunity to show your BFF just how much you appreciate having him or her in your life. This National Friendship Day, share these fun best friend memes with your BFF, and make her cry, laugh, or even cry with laughter.

1. No, that is my best friend.

"When people call my best friend their best friend."

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2. Love you, boo.

"When you and your best friend start venting and talking about how much y'all love and appreciate each other."

3. We're pretty awesome.

"When you and your bestie are tight AF."

4. Equal levels of crazy make great friendships.

"We'll always be friends because you match my level of crazy."

5. Meeting your match.

"When you find someone who is just as dead inside as you are."

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6. Remember that time when...

"When your best friend starts telling an embarrassing story about you."

7. Obviously, we're hilarious.

"I'm just sure that one of these days someone will read the text messages we send each other and offer us our own sitcom."

8. Way too much.

"We'll be best friends forever because you already know too much."

9. Right by your side.

"A good friend calls you in jail. A great friend bails you out of jail. Your best friend sits next to you and says 'wasn't that fun?'"

10. Mind reader!

"When you best friend says what you were thinking."

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11. The best therapy.

"Sometimes, being with your best friend is all the therapy you need."

12. We came to slay.

"When me and my best friend link up."

13. Um... can you not?

"When someone randomly joins in on your conversation with your best friend."

14. We don't care.

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"Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are when we are together. No, we don't care."

15. Already there.

"True friendship: Can I come over? Yeah. OK cool because I'm in your driveway."

16. An appropriate introduction.

"Meeting your friend's boyfriend for the first time, like 'Hello, I'm the co-author of all the text messages you have received."

17. Mankind's BFF.

"Did someone order a best friend?"

18. I got your back.

"Me on my best friend's wedding."

19. Dedication.

"When your best friend asks you to save a seat for them."

20. So proud!

"When you see your best friend finally talking to their crush."

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21. Best friends have no filters.

"How I spoke to my best friend when we first met vs. how I speak to her now."

22. Friends for life.

"Still BFFs after five years."

23. I love you just as you are.

"Best friends know how stupid you are and still choose to be seen with you in public."

24. We know each other so well.

"When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time."

25. Friendship goals.

"We will always be friends til we are old and senile... then we can be new friends."

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26. It's practically my second home now anyway.

"When you go to a friend's house for the first time vs. When you go to a friend's house that you've known for years."

27. All the feels.

"When I get a text from my best friend whom I love dearly and it's really funny."

28. Our friendship is constant.

"True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes."

29. Sometimes we don't even need to talk.

"Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap."

30. Looking forward to it.

"Me and my BFF at 80: You look nice. Who dressed you, the great depression? You look lovely, Helen. I'm so sorry I couldn't attend your funeral last year."

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