10 Little Tricks You Can Use To Be More Courageous

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One of the key sayings in life is to never let fear decide your future or your fate. While that may seem easier said than done, there are ways to learn how to be more courageous even in the face of our biggest fears.

Lots of times our goals in life are put to a halt because of our fears. The "what-ifs" that pop into your head can be overpowering and very distracting.

That's why we need to remind ourselves every day to be courageous and to try and face our fears because we choose what path our life goes through our own free will. 

According to the dictionary, courage is the "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty."

Having courage is more about being brave rather than fearless.

Here are 10 ways that you can learn how to be more courageous in your own life. 

If you're in need of finding a way to learn how to be courageous then look no further. No more letting fear dictate what we can and can't do in this life!

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1. Embrace vulnerability.

Lots of people experience fear and might be afraid to be vulnerable and to let another person know their deepest feelings and thoughts. However, it's something that's actually important for our health and well-being.

Being vulnerable and learning ways to embrace vulnerability will ultimately change the way you live your life for the better. No more feeling fearful and being scared to open up to people and show the world the real you.

People will like you more for doing this as well and you will find it easier to communicate with others as well. 

2. Admit your fears.

Admitting your fears to yourself or another person you trust is one of the first steps in becoming more courageous. By admitting your fears you are calling attention to them and letting yourself know what you have to work on more.

According to ACC Success and Leadership CoachChristine Hourd, fear is a barrier that shields you from uncertainty.

"Once you understand what this fear is and define it, the next step is easier. Within this moment of awareness, courage materializes and continues to support you in overcoming obstacles in the way of achieving your goals.”

In order to deal with fear, you need to know what your fear is and how it affects your everyday life. It might be scary to admit but talking to someone can help with this, and this is also the start of a courageous act.  

3. Face your fears step by step.

According to Love and Cosmic Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan, in order to live more courageously, you have to be willing to notice a fear you might have, such as public speaking or talking to a stranger, about something and be willing to step out of your comfort zone to face it.

"You have to take steps to get beyond that fear. So, if you are afraid to date, start small by simply smiling at people you see passing by on the street. Next, try saying hello, starting to strike up conversations, and getting more comfortable interacting with strangers. This builds confidence as you gain experience talking to people you don't know, which makes dating a whole lot easier," Ryan explains. "'Feel the fear and do it anyway,'" as Susan Jeffers says, author of the book by that title."

4. Think more positively.

The reason that you might not live life more courageously is that you might have a negative attitude towards life and in general, and this is preventing you from achieving your goals, dreams, and wants. It's much more difficult to get what you want out of life with a negative mindset.

Try starting small through positive thoughts and incorporating more positive affirmations in your life and see what happens. 

5. Engage in stress-reducing methods.

One of the reasons you might feel stuck in life and not be able to think and have a more courageous life is because your stress and energy are holding you back. Stress can take a toll not just on your emotional health but also on your physical health.

Make sure you're eating right, sleeping enough, and exercising occasionally as these three things will significantly improve your stress level and you can work to get yourself better emotionally and physically. 

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6. Demonstrate more courage in your daily life.

In order to be more courageous, you have to start displaying courage in life, which may mean something as small as being the better person and reaching out to a friend you might have had disagreements with or even having the courage to ask someone out that you like.

Whatever the case, start thinking of ways you can demonstrate more courage in your life through building your confidence each time you do it. You never know where courage can take you. 

7. Learn to address failure and push forward.

We all fail in life at one point or another. However, failure might be the most important thing in life as it teaches us that we all have our faults and we don't always succeed but we always get back up and try again.

If you let failure determine your life and let it push you backward instead of forward, you will never get anywhere in life.

Make sure to always stay positive even when you fail and keep on pushing. 

8. Learn to cope with the uncertainties.

Many times in life we get overwhelmed and overworked by everything that could go wrong instead of thinking of all the things that could go right.

The uncertainties of life can happen at any moment, but that's something we shouldn't be terrified of — we should be able to cope with those and then think about the certainties and positives of life.

If you fear you might lose something in life, figure out ways that you can not only save that and keep whatever you might be afraid to lose but also coping mechanisms you can use even if you do lose it. The absence of fear in our life will make our uncertainties wash away. 

9. Keep on learning.

No one has life figured out. We are constantly learning new things every day. In order to be more courageous, we need to embrace new learning opportunities and enjoy learning new things.

Let someone else teach you something instead of trying to figure it out all on your own. Learning from other people is a great step in living courageously.

10. Accept more challenges in life.

Not all challenges need to be negative. Challenges that tackle both your mental and physical abilities are great in learning how to be more courageous.

Most of the time the fear-based decisions are all in your head. Challenge your fears in life and win over them. Don't lose over your fears and worries as that will only make you weaker. 

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