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About Christine Hourd

Your innovator in leadership development and success mastery, Christine Hourd, founder and CEO of The Success Model, helps entrepreneurs and professionals like you to build your resiliency along with your success. 

She utilizes techniques and strategies to improve performance and build a positive mindset to reach your goals with ease. The client will begin to experience confidence and empowerment as we work on advancing their communication and conversation skills that leads to a stronger connection with those in their personal and professional life. When these skills are elevated, the client will experience positive change in their income, relationships, and personal fulfillment. 

After excelling in a career path that garnered her over thirty years of expertise in business ownership, and corporate and retail management, Christine paused to take stock of her life personally as well as professionally. She made subtle but powerfully positive changes that led her to become certified in a unique field of solution-focused coaching based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Now a sought-after coach and ally, Christine uses her insight and experience to accelerate her client's success through one-on-one sessions, honing the essential personal proficiencies that will ultimately further your professional goals. Working together with this dynamic business ally, you’ll increase your clarity in decision-making, your success in interpersonal engagement and positive results-based communication, and find yourself with all confidence and initiative you need to fulfill your true potential. 

Discover more about Christine's programs—Success Mastery and Leadership Coaching—offered to her clients, in-person and online.

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