7 Tiny Secrets Of The Most Indestructible People

Courage is the name of the game.

Fearless bad*ss woman, unapologetic Ave Calvar | Unsplash

Ever wonder why life seems to have given an indestructible quality to some people and not others? Well, you’re in luck. Here are some secrets that will have you laughing at fear like a samurai legend.

Here are 7 tiny secrets of the most indestructible people:

1. They feel their way into uncertainty

Most of us scaredy-cats think our way into an unknown future, take one sniff, and get out of there sharpish. Why? Because we’re in our heads, listening to our bizarre opinions about what we think might happen. Let go of these thoughts, and find a way to bring a heat to your next steps. You don’t wait for confidence — you move in a way that conjures it. Reality always molds to the shape you’ve chosen.


2. They unlock their belly

Scared people miss a major trick by turning away from the physical solution to their woes. They chew on clever ideas in their thick little skulls and wonder why they wake up in a sweat each night. Hey Courtney, quit sulking, and take a look at what’s going on with you physically. Free souls know that tension is mostly locked in the belly, so they address it as follows: They do a little jiggle, thrust their hips in and out like Elvis on speed, breathe in with thick, fruity gulps, and shudder that tension out. 

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3. They reimagine themselves as heroes of their life story

True indestructible. people are rare because only a handful of us choose to live life as the main character. Stand tall and decide to be a hero. Create that reality at each turn. Every good story is packed full of conflict. Your life is no different. Now you’re really in it, and your challenges have meaning. Life can be a cinematic thrill.

4. They're intimate with fear

The most fearless people aren’t free of fear. They’ve simply learned to open themselves physically to the feeling with less mental resistance. It’s all about how we interpret our senses. Become fearless by getting intimate with the feeling with less judgment and a weird sense of love. Everything will change.

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5. They dance with the devil

Average Joes do whatever they can to make life free of yucky feelings. But because they never take risks, they end up creating a life far more dangerous than they ever anticipated. They never made the necessary moves to propel them out of the baa-ing sheep masses — so they ended up feeding on scraps. The fearless dive into scary stuff as a safety measure, and this results in an enlivening upward spiral.

6. They address problems at the root

Most of the world does this when they feel a twinge of discomfort: they try to fix it at the surface level. They drink alcohol when they feel nervous. They comfort eat when they get home after the new CEO looks at them funny. Fearless people know that short-term pleasures are like spraying gasoline to douse flames. Instead, they address the root and go for a walk. They avoid temptations that make them feel worse and are rewarded with a steady flow of brass nuts energy.

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7. They do fewer things masterfully

Seemingly fearless people know this dirty secret: it’s nearly impossible to be scared when you’ve done the reps. No one was born a magnificent TED speaker. They decided to do something cool and committed to practicing it — over and over. Make it easier on yourself. Choose to focus on less, and become so good you can’t wait for the world to experience your brilliance.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.