12 Unmistakable Signs A Girl Wants To Kiss You

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Trying to figure out how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you?

You could always ask her straight out, but we understand just how nervewracking that can be.

If you're keeping yourself up at night, unable to answer the question, "does she want to kiss me?" one of two things is happening: either you're oblivious to the fact that she wants to kiss you — or the fact that she doesn't.

Here's how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you.

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1. She stares dreamily into your eyes.

Intense, sexual eye contact is more than a good sign your crush is ready to be kissed — it's one of the best signs she wants to be kissed.

Pay attention to the way she looks at you when it's time to say goodbye. If she's staring into your eyes, she could be waiting to kiss.

2. Her body language says it all.

Paying attention to her body language is another sure-fire way to get to the bottom of your kiss mystery.

Is she keeping a distance from you? Is her body closed off? Does she try to avoid getting cozy with you? Those are signs she's not as interested as you're hoping.

But if she's trying to get all up in your personal space, it's the right time to pucker up.

3. She finds reasons to touch you.

When you try holding her hand, does she pull away or go with it?

One of the signs a girl is waiting to kiss you is how much she touches you. Putting her hand on your knee and touching your biceps are some obvious signals.

4. She compliments you a lot.

If she keeps talking about how hot and sexy you are, she means it.

Remember, people don't tend to give out romantic compliments if they don't mean them. 

5. She won't stop biting her lips.

Look at her mouth. Biting and licking her lips is a sign she's trying to draw attention to her pucker zone.

6. She responds to your touch well. 

Pay attention to the way she responds to your body language, too.

When you put your arm around her, does she seem comfortable or stiff?

If she's obviously showing discomfort to your touch, it's time to back off. But if she leans into it, you probably have the OK to make a move.

7. She's super engaged in the conversation.

Just because a girl enjoys talking to you, doesn't give you the green light to lean in for a kiss.

Sometimes a girl just enjoys your company and might want to be your friend.

But if she's practically falling asleep and disinterested in learning about you, you may want to think twice before making a move. 

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8. When she hugs you, she doesn't let go.

A girl who wants to kiss you will find every reason to touch you for as long as she can.

If she tries to give you a one-arm hug and a quick goodbye, she's not interested. 

9. She texts you nonstop.

A girl who wants to smooch you won't be able to detach herself from her phone and will try to keep the text conversation going.

If she doesn't try to keep the conversation going via text, she could probably care less about you or your lips. 

10. She plays with your hair.

Who in their right mind would touch your hair unless it was for a flirty reason?

11. She tries to get you alone.

Sometimes it's easy to second guess whether someone wants to kiss you if you're in a big group.

If she's trying to pull you aside, it's for a reason.

When in doubt, ask your friends what their read on the situation is. Do they sense a little sexual tension? They might help you get some extra clarity on your dynamic. 

12. She tells you she wants to kiss you.

Asking for consent is the only true way to solidify that she wants to lock lips with you, so you should always ask a girl if you can kiss her.

How do you ask a girl if she wants to kiss? It's easy: just do it! Don't overthink it. 

Tips to make your kiss special:

1. Bring her to a romantic view for the perfect moment.

2. Make sure no one else is watching. Privacy will make everything more special. 

3. Run your hands through her hair when you kiss her.

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