How Saturn Square Uranus Changes Your Love Life Starting June 14, 2021

If a relationship isn’t meant to last forever, not amount work can save it.

How Saturn Square Uranus Changes Your Love Life Starting June 14, 2021

Starting on June 14th, the most defining astrological aspect of 2021 is the series of three Saturn Uranus squares which is a clash between the old and new.  

For all three of these transits, Saturn will move through the zodiac sign of Aquarius while Uranus continues to travel across the sign of Taurus.

The Saturn square Uranus transit started on February 17th and ends on December 24th, 2021. 

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The location of these two planets forms a 45-degree angle, which feels challenging and harsh, but, it's where you can grow most, especially in the area of love.

Saturn square Uranus is the meeting of earth and air in two intense elements that never actually interact with one another.  


The first square occurred on February 17th, the second (this one) occurs on June 14th and the final one occurs on December 24th.

While these three squares will represent turning points in our life it’s important to pull back and look at the big picture with this.  

Most planets have an exact day of transit and then because they orbit so fast the next day, they are done with it. But not these two.

Saturn and Uranus move extremely slow and first came within orb of each other in 2020 and won’t actually leave that positioning until 2022, this means that we are in the middle of the long game in terms of the changes this will bring to our love lives.  


Just because we’re being forced to play the long game though doesn’t mean that we have to wait until the end to see results.  

Think back to the beginning of the year, early January to the end of February to be exact, and then make a note for the upcoming Saturn square Uranus dates which are as follows:

2021 Saturn square Uranus transit dates

February 17th, 2021: First Saturn square Uranus

June 14th, 2021: Second Saturn square Uranus

December 24th, 2021: Third Saturn square Uranus 


What was occurring around that time for you in your love life, relationships, and even the relationship that you have with yourself?

Were there defining moments or decisions that felt momentous or important to you?

Choices that helped you become more of who you are meant to be or that felt like you were stepping away from the old? 

Those same themes will be coming back up for review with this square on June 14th and here the word review is key.  

Saturn turned retrograde in Aquarius on May 23rd changing the vibe of this square from what we’ve previously seen.

If at the one earlier in the year we were making decisions and speaking what we thought was our truth, now we’re being asked to reconsider.  


Were we really speaking our truth back then? Were we trying to avoid letting go of the past? Or maybe we were trying to simply avoid the discomfort that comes when everything we knew falls apart.  

Whenever a planet turns retrograde it means that we’re being asked to review previous decisions, choices, and thoughts that we have made. In this case, specifically, those that we made in a romantic sense.  

Saturn square Uranus helps us to realize that love should never be an obligation.  

But Saturn is all about the rules, expectations, and structures that we’re told we should abide by.

Lucky for us while in Aquarius it’s about removing those blocks so that we can find more freedom, which happens to also be the energy that Uranus is bringing to the table.  


Freedom is a wonderful thing, but it’s never easy learning to fly.  

This trio of squares will call into question outgrown relationships, whether they are marriages or just those that were previously committed to.

Especially those in which we thought we were doing the right thing or those that we went into because it seemed like what we were supposed to, like that engagement that seemed like the next logical step.  

In love, Saturn looks like an obligation but Uranus appears as a conscious choice.  

Here's how Saturn square Uranus changes your love life starting June 14, 2021:

1. Putting off an impending break-up 

Even if we are reluctant or hesitant, fear is no match for divine timing and the beautiful realization that if something isn’t meant to work, nothing we can do can make it so. 


But that also means, when a relationship is meant to be there's also nothing that can stop it from happening. 

Yet in order to make a conscious choice to do differently, we first have to understand why we made our original decision, and this is what the second Saturn square Uranus is all about.  

Why did we believe that it was better to remain the same than grow? Why were we afraid of change? Afraid of even being ourselves? And perhaps most of all, why were we choosing to lock ourselves in the cages that we were trying to escape?  

2. Trying to make it work for an inauthentic reason 

Helping us out will be Mercury in Retrograde, which contrary to the hype is actually a great tool at helping us reflect and think about previous decisions and choices.


Also in the mix is our Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 11th which will propel us into Saturn Uranus square energy.  

3. Lying to yourself about what your truth is 

With this square as much as it first seems we’re just going to be reviewing and not acting, the Solar Eclipse says otherwise.

And so does Saturn Retrograde. While these periods are best known for simply reflecting on what has happened in the past, say a marriage, a proposal, break-up or even commitment, it’s also a divine time for us to re-do those choices.  

4. Attempting to make love convenient or logical 

Maybe it’s not the best bet to go out and meet that cute guy from Hinge this week, but if that guy that you’ve never stopped thinking about for the past two years calls or texts from out of the blue — it's a moment to take advantage of.  


Saturn normally resists change but Aquarius is craving it, especially during his retrograde which lasts until October.

5. Making romantic choices based on obligation or expectation 

Saturn square Uranus is the untying of the strings that have kept us in place. The crumbling and dismantling of those relationships became more business-like than romance.  

6. Feeling like you can’t put off making a change any longer 

Uranus is all about shock and awe, those sudden and unexpected changes that seemingly come from nowhere, but which have been silently building.  


Three times when Saturn square Uranus we see how reflection meets decision.  

7. Realizing you’ve changed since the start of the year 

We’ve had since January to think of our previous decisions regarding love, a serious relationship, marriage, or even an approach to dating. 

8. Accepting that you can no longer do what you have been in your romantic life 

Now is when we make changes to our original choices. These new ideas are to be trusted even if they feel foreign and especially if they feel scary.  

When looking at the placement of the planets in the cosmos we have to take a look at the deeper relationship between Saturn and Uranus.


9. Feeling done and no longer (as) scared for the next step 

Saturn comes before Uranus which means that to move into the Uranian freedom we are seeking — we first have to master our Saturnian lessons.  

10. Seeing what’s beyond the horizon once you make that first jump 

This is the process that is more than just letting go of the old so that we can welcome in the new, it’s also about our own evolution through the lessons that we were meant to learn so that we can break free from the cycles and patterns that hold us back.  

11. Moving towards more freedom in love and relationships 

Freedom is never given but earned by letting go of those things that hold us back. Unfortunately, nothing holds any of us back more than relationships that we’ve outgrown but which are currently on life support.

12. Defining love for how it works for you versus what we’re told or taught 

This falls under the categories of not knowing the other person anymore, feelings out of alignment or just realizing that the purpose of the connection may be all along has been to find the strength of mind to leave it.  


13. Coming into a greater understanding of unconditional love  

As we near the second in our trio of Saturn Uranus squares it’s important to look closely at our lives and where it feels like the stagnancy of the old is crumbling away so that the new can finally emerge.


Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. As a spiritual intuitive, she practices the religion of astrology and love. For more of her work, visit her website.