9 Best Bralettes & Comfortable Wireless Bras For All Cup Sizes

Say hello to comfort and support.

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Many of us have been working from home for over a year now (some of us even longer!), and perhaps haven't worn a bra all that often.

While the sweats and leisurewear lifestyle has undeniable comforts in simplicity and, well... comfort, it’s time to transcend back into wearing actual clothes again. And that means, of course, bras!

But the bra-free life did teach many of us that not wearing a bra just... feels good, and that means that since we’re wearing bras again, it’s a good time to upgrade our undergarment wardrobe with an eye toward comfort.


That’s where bralettes and wireless bras come in. And, believe it or not, this is an option that can work beautifully for all cup sizes.

What is a bralette?

“A bralette is a type of wire-free bra that has gained popularity during the pandemic for its comfort and seamlessness,” says Jené Luciani Sena, bestselling author of "The Bra Book." “Typically, a bralette would be all one piece and not have any clasps or wires so therefore no adjustability — you’d pull it over your head, like a sports bra.”

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A wire-free bra can really be any style of bra but simply without the wire. “Typically, you need the wire for a true push-up, but there are molded cup styles that are offering some support, shaping and lift,” adds Sena.


A wire-free bra is a great option for women looking for the ultimate comfort but who still want good support. Look for features like a wider band, a hook and eye closure in the back, and adjustable straps that are a little wider as well to provide more support.

Actually, 90% of a bra’s support comes from the band, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to have a wire. With advancements in fabric and designs, you can still get great support even for larger cup sizes.

LIVELY bras are under garments with the goal of creating a line of “Leisurée” — lingerie that is like leisurewear, in that they have movement and comfort, while offering support at the same time. And that’s something we can all appreciate.

The 9 Best Bralettes and Comfortable Wireless Bras for All Cup Sizes

1. The Eco Deep V Bralette

LIVELY eco deep v bralette


This bralette offers a deep V-shape and molded cups that help create an adjustable fit and shape perfect for your own body.

The adjustable back straps help with comfort — wear this bralette all day with ease! — and the 3-level banded hook and eye closure in back makes sure that bra stays put, no matter where the day takes you.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Eco Deep V Bralette with code TANGO at LIVELY

2. The Smooth Lace Busty Bralette

LIVELY smooth lace busty bra


This fabulous bralette top is a revamp of the brand’s popular Palm Lace Busty Bralette, and its most notable feature is the namesake smooth, lace fabric that ensures the bralette will be smooth and seamless under clothes.

The plunging neckline is perfect for those sexy summer low-cut tops, and there is power mesh lining the cups to make sure that the breasts get the support they need, but comfortably.

Looking for a bralette for a large bust? This is one of the most supportive busty bralettes.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Smooth Lace Busty Bralette with code TANGO at LIVELY

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3. The Cross Back Bralette

LIVELY cross back bralette


Bras don’t have to be cumbersome or uncomfortable, and some can even feel like you are lounging around in PJs all day.

This cross back bralette is meant to be super-cozy, and has a deep V-neck and crossback straps. The wide shoulder straps make sure there’s no fabric digging into your shoulders throughout the day, and the supporting striped band feels like wearing a sports bra or a cozy tee!

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Cross Back Bralette with code TANGO at LIVELY

4. The No-Wire Push-Up

LIVELY no wire push up bra


Push-up bras have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but this wireless option was designed with “leisure” in mind.

There’s subtle padding at the bottom of the cup, which gives a bit of a push-up and boost, while the nylon and mesh fabric design maintain style and support at the same time.

There’s no reason that comfort, support and style all have to be mutually exclusive!

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The No-Wire Push-Up with code TANGO at LIVELY

5. The No-Wire Balconette Bra

LIVELY no wire balconette bra


The balconette style is a classic, but this version gives the old-school bra style a modern touch with smooth molded cups, straps that adjust from the front, a convertible back, and no wires whatsoever (that means nothing to poke into your skin and make you uncomfortable during the day!).

But the classic balconette neckline remains, which is beautiful for creating shape under clothes. No wire bras for the win!

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The No-Wire Balconette Bra with code TANGO at LIVELY

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6. The Flex No-Wire Bra


If a bralette and a classic wireless bra had a baby, it’d be this bra. It’s wireless, so no poking wires to worry about, and has front-adjusting straps and a comfortable convertible back J-hook that is adjustable to find the perfect comfortable fit for you.

The smooth nylon cups are lined with mesh, maintaining support and structure even while having a super-leisurely bralette feel.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Flex No-Wire Bra with code TANGO at LIVELY

7. The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up


It’s not often that a push-up bra can check off all the boxes at once, but this bra just may do that. The cups are lined with foam at the bottom, which is a wireless way to lift and boost the cleavage, comfortably.

There’s also a J-hook in the back that can easily convert this bra to a comfortable racerback in seconds.

The mesh band at the side will keep this bra very breathable as well, so go ahead and wear it all day — it’s so comfortable you may not remember you have this wireless push-up bra on.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up with code TANGO at LIVELY

8. The Skinny-Strap Seamless Bralette


Cute bralettes are even better when you can hide the straps. This bralette is so comfortable, it honestly feels more like wearing a worn-in tank top than a bra.

The seamless body forming fit supports you while moving with you, and it’s made of a soft and stretchy ribbed material designed to cling in all the right places for ultimate fit.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Skinny-Strap Seamless Bralette with code TANGO at LIVELY

9. The Stripe Mesh Bralette

LIVELY stripe mesh bralette


This supportive bralette is popular and it’s easy to see why: The long-lined band is ideal for support and comfort, and the cups have lightweight removable pads to offer a boost when you want it, but not when you don’t.

The bralette’s deep-V style is also complimentary to most plunging necklines, making it a perfect choice for summer.

Price: $35

Get 10% off your first purchase of The Stripe Mesh Bralette with code TANGO at LIVELY

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How to Measure Bralette Size

Of course, the best way to wear a bra is to wear one that fits. Who doesn't love a comfortable bralette? LIVELY offers a fit guide specifically for bralettes. While the bralette is loved because it’s super-comfortable, different styles work for different sizes.

For example, those with bigger cup sizes often prefer a wide-sport band, like on the Geo Lace Bralette, because that offers extra support.

To measure your size for a bra, it’s as easy as breathing! Or rather, breathing in, and holding that breath.

While doing that, wrap a tape measure around your chest at band level. If the number you see is odd, add one. If it’s even, add 2. So, if you measure 33” and add 1, you get 34”. That would be your band size.


LIVELY bra size measuring guide

The same process works with cup size: just breathe in and wrap that tape measure around the fullest part of your breast.

Then, round off to the largest whole number. That is your bust size. Subtract your band size from your bust size to figure out your cup size.

To Sum It Up

Simply put, wearing bralettes and wireless bras lets us have the “no bra feel” while still having the support of a bra. It’s the best of all worlds!



What is the point of bralettes?

Bralettes are a great way to have comfort and support at the same time. Bras don’t have to be uncomfortable or constricting.

What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

The goal of the bralette is essentially a softer, lighter bra. Bralettes have no wires, so they give more gentle support and offer more comfort than a regular bra.

Can you wear a bralette every day?

Absolutely! A supportive wireless bralette like the The Skinny-Strap Seamless Bralette is made to be comfortable, but also supportive.

What do you wear bralettes with?

You can wear literally anything you’d wear with a bra — any item of clothing is fair game with a bralette. Don’t limit yourself!


What is the best support bra without wires?

The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up offers all the support of a wired bra, but none of the uncomfortable drawbacks.

Are non-wired bras better?

If wired bras have been uncomfortable or constricting for you, unwired bras are a great option to try. They may also feel and look better, giving you the confidence boost you need.

Are there push-up bras without underwire?

Yes! The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up is a push-up bra without an underwire.

What’s the best wireless bra for large busts?

The Smooth Lace Busty Bralette is made for larger busts, and offers both comfort and support.

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