There Are 7 'Types' Of Breasts, Apparently: Which Kind Do YOU Have?

Photo: ThirdLove

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One thing I've never been truly able to master is getting the perfectly sized bra for me, and I'm definitely someone who needs to wear one

When I was growing up, my best friend Cynthia's mother worked in the lingerie department of Sears. The minute my breasts started to develop, my mother got me down there and Cynthia's mom got her tape measure out. Before I knew it, I had the perfect bra. But ever since then, it's been a challenge.

Lingerie company ThirdLove has made it their business to know everything about boobs, and have identified the seven different types among women. Third Love said, "Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, and going to get measured by a stranger in a crowded department store is certainly not ideal, which is why ThirdLove developed a mobile app that can correctly measure any women's bra size from the comfort of her own home."

If you know the shape of your breasts, you're much more likely to find the best bra or you can just enjoy the natural beauty of your boobies. What type of boobs do you have?

1. Round

Round breasts look equally as full at both the top and bottom. Many women pick round boobs when getting a boob job. If you have round boobs, you probably don't need a padded bra to help shape your breasts, since they're already perfectly shaped and stunning.

2. East West

East West breasts have their nipples pointing outward. If your actual nipples don't point in opposite directions but your breasts still seem to gravitate away from the center of the chest, you can still consider yourself East West. These boobs are pretty and look especially great in a t-shirt bra.

3. Side set

Side set boobs are like East West in that there's a wide space between them, but side set tends to be a little fuller in shape.

4. Tear drop

Tear drop boobs are rounded but slightly less full at the top. In terms of bras, this type of breast is one of the easiest to fit and is classically gorgeous.

5. Slender

Slender breasts are complicated, as they tend to be thinner at the top, fuller at the bottom, longer than they are wide, and have a relatively small cup size. Complicated doesn't mean bad — it means more interesting, unique and beautiful.

6. Asymmetric

Asymmetric breasts are when one breast is notably larger than the other. Every woman's breasts are unique, and most women's breasts don't match exactly. If your boobs are asymmetrical, don't fret — asymmetric is the new normal and they look great.

7. Bell shape

Bell shape Boobs are a lot like slender boobs, only the bells tend to be larger than the super-slenders.

No matter what shape you have, your breasts are beautiful and unique, so take good care of them.