The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs After Jupiter Enters Pisces, May 13, 2021

The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs During Jupiter In Pisces Starting May 13, 2021

Jupiter leaves the zodiac sign of Aquarius on May 13th to enter Pisces, the twelfth solar house of spirituality, where it will retrograde June 20th, 2021 and this changes things for a few zodiac signs in a big way.

Life gets lucky for three zodiac signs during Jupiter in Pisces, May 13-July 28, 2021.

But May 13th to July 28th, 2021 are going to be filled with hope, growth, big expanse, and luck - that can translate into more money, a new job, or a blooming love life.

So, who are the lucky ones this week? That's not just a glib opening line - it's a reality.

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There are three zodiac signs this week that are definitely up for some luck, and that luck is going into effect as of May 13th, right after Jupiter enters Pisces, but the energy can be felt now, too.

Ah, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. With this planet in the sky, entering Pisces, we're looking at some kind of wild opportunity for financial success...if you happen to fall under these horoscope signs.

Pisces is a very thoughtful horoscope sign - coupled with Jupiter, we're talking about the ability to think things through so that when we act on them, we guarantee our success.

So, we've got well-processed idea-work, mixed with the insane good fortune of Jupiter - which builds and builds upon an idea and brings that idea into generous fruition. In other words, what you think, you manifest - and on May 13th, it's BINGO time, all the way.

Now, just because certain signs are singled out, it doesn't mean that the remaining signs get nothing; oh, they do - Jupiter is way too enormous to not share the wealth of a 'good luck day' - but it does favor certain horoscope signs, and if you are born under one of them, there's an exceptional chance that you'll be working with some great luck on this day...which may last the week or months, depending on what you do with that luck!

Which signs are the luckiest during Jupiter in Pisces, starting Thursday, May 13th?

Read on to find out how luck turns for the better for these three zodiac signs:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Lucky number 13 is about to blow your world up (in a VERY good way), but it's all about the timing, Aries. Remember, this is a transit that occurs on the 13th - this means you need to pay attention to what's going on in your life on this day, or you might miss out.

This could play out as making an investment, or...in gambling. That's what luck is all about, right? Random good fortune that relies upon a not-so-random decision...invest money wisely - make money in abundance later on.

You could also work this equation into the realm of love, romance, job, or travel, meaning, if you decide to go forward with some plan (asking someone out on a date, playing lotto, asking for a promotion) - then, this is the time to do this.

Jupiter loves Aries, it's sort of a "big planet" kind of camaraderie. Jupiter recognizes Aries as a power player, and with the softening effect of Pisces, what happens is that the lucky Aries get to finesse themselves whatever they want, simply because the line up of constellations and planets favor them on this day.

What to do? Take advantage, Aries. Be the warrior that you are and fight for a raise, ask for a promotion, let that person know you love them, invest in that thing only you believe in...luck is on your side; do the right thing.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

No surprise here, Sagittarius, as you are ruled by Jupiter and know just how broad range its effects can be when it comes to open-minded thinking and huge potential.

On May 13th, everything you touch will become gold, which means that you need to be very specific about what you wish to manifest.

Jupiter's vastness works both ways, which implies that it has almost infinite potential for going the wrong way as well as the right - which is where you come in.

You have free will and there's a good chance you want a good, happy life - take Thursday to concentrate on what you want and absolutely release that which no longer serves you. Affirmations are what today is all about for you, Sag - "I think, therefore I am...".

The intelligent power push of Pisces will guide you with your focus, so we're looking at the idea of manifesting your will, with great success, based on total belief in your ability to create your world as you like it.

Today, May 13th is the day when you've been granted a boon; you CAN manifest good fortune today. You can make money today. You are on a fast track for putting your life together if you use the magic of this amazing day for the power of the positive in your life.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

You, my friend, will be experiencing a happy upgrade in just about every area of your life, starting on May 13. Depending on how you work your Pisces magic on this day, you could potentially affect the rest of your life.

The work of Jupiter in Pisces has an intelligent influence on your day-to-day life, meaning, your choices on this day will be smart, informed, and balanced.

There is no room for drama, nor is this the day where you limit your thinking - Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and that means you need to broaden your scope of possibilities and believe with all your heart that what you want is what you can get.

This is a money day for you, and that money can potentially make a beeline to your bank account - if you think out your plan and execute it in a timely fashion.

So, if you wanted to buy something special - as in a house - this would be the day to sign the papers. If you wanted to invest - this is the day to put the money down.

And if you find yourself on the receiving end of someone's monetary gift - open your hands and let it flow your way. Doubt nothing on this day, as there is much potential for a big win or a satisfying upgrade in pay.

All is possible on the 13th, so your best bet is to stay open, stay grateful and suck up all the good luck you can - because it's here now, and we all know that luck rarely lasts forever.

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