Here's What Fashion Designer, Sarah Hambly Of Her Universe's Zodiac Sign Dresses Look Like

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Here's What Sarah Hambly's Zodiac Sign Dresses Look Like

Sarah Hambly Loki is a 26-year-old self-taught fashion designer, social media influencer, and viral TikToker who dazzles her followers with her “Geek Couture." 

She currently has 2.6M followers and 71M likes on TikTok, 267K followers on Instagram, and 14.6k subscribers on YouTube. 

She is famous for making princess dresses, cosplay dresses while sharing educational how-to videos to duplicate her designs using materials from curtains, used clothing, and any type of fabric she finds interesting.

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Her dress-making journey began in 2016 and was taken to TikTok in early 2019. She has gained a lot of attention from her zodiac sign dress challenge, and she frequently posts her updates on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Sarah Hambly states, "I made 113 outfits in 2020" on her Twitter account, and three of them are related to zodiac signs, and four others on themes that could be associated to the four astrology elements, air, earth, fire, and water.

Sarah Hambly's dresses are designed using a variety of themes.

According to a Her Universe article, Sarah Hambly grew up in Novato, California. With its proximity to Skywalker Ranch, her work is greatly inspired by pop culture and couture.

She says, “Geek Couture has absolutely changed my life.” Growing up she competed heavily in the rodeo circuit,"...my introduction to fashion was wanting to have the most unique riding shirt to wear in the arena.” 

She designed an outfit for the world champion barrel racer in 2014, "...from there, my interest continued to spike.” She is inspired by designers like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.

On Twitter she posted three dresses based on the zodiac signs Pisces, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Hambly started making dresses inspired by the zodiac signs in early 2020.

Here's what Sarah Hambly's Pisces zodiac sign dress looks like:


This was relatively early in her dress-making career.

While they are absolutely beautiful, compared to the work she is creating now, you can see the growth in skill and design as the dresses are more elaborate, striking, and glamorous. 

Here's what Sarah Hambly Sagittarius zodiac sign dress looks like:


In December 2020, she decided to redo the series with the assistance of the zodiac app Futurio to make the dresses reflect the zodiac signs more accurately.

They also showcase her growth as a designer as the glow-up with these dresses is real. 

Here's what Sarah Hambly Libra zodiac sign dress looks like:


She has other zodiac sign dresses in the works. Hambly posted in TikTok on January 14, 2020, with a caption reading “This gives me Aquarius vibes.”

The dresses after that were inspired by the zodiac signs:

Her fashion designs also include astrology and zodiac sign elements such as air, fire, earth, and water.

Here's what Sarah Hambly's "Air" dress looks like:


Here's what Sarah Hambly's "Water" dress looks like:


Here's what Sarah Hambly's "Fire" dress looks like:


Here's what Sarah Hambly's "Earth" dress looks like:


Making beautiful dresses isn’t necessary her only goal. According to her artist website, she wants to teach people how to sew.

On top of her “geek couture” which includes the zodiac signs, superhero-themed costumes, and challenges such as making dresses out of curtains, her TikTok and YouTube videos function as how-to-guides, offering tips and tricks so people can sew-along.

What inspires Sarah Hambly?

In a more recent TikTok, she talks about how and why she began sewing. In 2016, she was encouraged to enter a design competition by the founder, Ashley Eckstein.

Eckstein is well known for her work as a voice actor in Clone Wars as Ahsoka Tano. She created the fashion line Her Universe which is fangirl-themed clothing she felt the market was lacking in. She also holds a design competition under the same name. 

In 2016, Hambly took part in the Her Universe Fashion show at the San Diego Comic-Con and was selected as a finalist. At the time, Hambly was dealing with the recent passing of her father and needed to do something as a positive outlet.

She stayed at an open casting call for 4 hours and was selected to join the competition. At the time, she had little to no sewing experience and so it was a challenge for her. Now she is making elaborate and beautiful couture dresses the internet is pining after. 

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Her early videos don’t include much or any voice over but now her more recent ones include real and personal commentary that highlights the stress of sewing and the beautiful fun it can be.

She is very grateful for her online following, while there are inspired by her she is also inspired by them, "Today I am thankful for all of you. Every single one of you who have elevated my art to a level I never dreamed possible.

I could not be anything like I am today without all of you. You are more than followers, more than fans.

You are the biggest reason I continue to grow and learn and sew better. You are my motivation to keep working and pushing and sharing all the things I learn along the way."

Other than dressmaking, she also loves photography, music, film, horses, and her adorable corgies.

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