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Ryan Guzman And Fiancé Chrysti Ane Welcome Second Child Together — See Their Surprise Announcement

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Ryan Guzman and Chrysti Ane

Ryan Guzman is an actor, and you may know him from playing the role of Jake in Pretty Little Liars.

He also played the role of Eddie Diaz in the show 9-1-1 and the role of Sean in the film Step Up: Revolution. 

Well, the actor also plays another important role as a father!

His fiancé, Chrysti Ane just gave birth to their second child. They welcomed their daughter named Genevieve on Jan. 7, revealing that she is already “so special” to them. 

Who is Ryan Guzman’s fiancé, Chrysti Ane?

Keep reading to learn about Ryan Guzman’s fiancé, including details about the surprise announcement of the birth of their second child. 

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She's an actress.

Chrysti Ane, whose full name is Christyane Lopes, is a Brazilian actress and fitness model.

She is best known for playing the role of Sarah Thompson/Pink Ninja Steel Ranger on the series Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Ane also played the role of Meg Bittencourt in the show Young Hearts. 

Ane was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is 27 years old and was born on July 26, 1993, making her a Leo

Guzman and Ane just had their second child. 

Ryan Guzman and Chrysti Ane secretly had their second child on January 7.

It took many by surprise since they never announced the pregnancy. They had their first child, Mateo Lopes Guzman, in 2019 and now, they've welcomed their daughter, named Genevieve Valentina Guzman, to the family. 

Ane shared an adorable Instagram post of her holding their daughter with Ryan Guzman smiling with her.

She captioned the photo:

“Well world, I think it’s time I make a confession....I’ve been pregnant for basically this entire quarantine.

We welcomed our little lady Genevieve Valentina Guzman into the world today at 3:50 pm. Ry and I decided to be a little selfish this time around and keep this journey between us. I’m so happy we did that. It was so special.”

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The couple got engaged in 2018. 

In 2018, Ryan Guzman proposed to Chrysti Ane. Although, the proposal was almost a fail even though he spent two months planning the whole thing.

Chrysti Ane’s mom sent Guzman a text about their gender reveal when she was pregnant with their first child.

However, in the text chain her mom mentioned the proposal plans. Guzman sent Ane the text thinking he cropped out the proposal bit but he didn’t. 

So, Guzman explains that he got texts from Ane saying, “Is this true? Are we getting married?”

With the surprise ruined, he decided to rush back home and propose to her that night in a very casual way. He decided to drop the question on their roof, where they had their first date. When Ane was showing him photos of the sonogram, he dropped the photo and got on one knee and proposed. He still found a cute way to surprise her with an engagement!

Guzman explains that they are not rushing their wedding plans and taking everything one step at a time.

He says, “There is a lot going on and I have to make sure mama bear is OK. After we have the kid, we will probably wait until she feels comfortable and get everything situated. But there is no rush. I love her and she loves me, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Chrysti Ane went to the gym during her pregnancy. 

Chrysti Ane enjoys going to the gym. In fact, she even worked out when she was five months pregnant.

She shared the footage on her Instagram with the caption: 

“Now that it’s out there’s sooo much to tell you guys! I have still been keeping up at the gym and I have a few abs left at #5Months . I’m not lifting as heavy as I used to so the gains are counting on repetition and consistency to stay with me.

It’s been a bit difficult for me to watch my body changing, but as soon as I put into perspective that I’m creating a little angel with the love of my life it makes everything so worth it.

My goal is to stay in good shape and stay healthy through this entire pregnancy. I’m more than halfway there.”

Now, that’s commitment!

You can also follow her workout routine, since she has her own website called Body By Chrysti, which features her workout and nutritious guides.

One of her favorite hobbies is shooting. 

In her free time, Chrystie Ane enjoys going to the shooting range and practices handling guns.

She even owns a huge rifle, but mostly works with smaller handguns. It is evident that she shoots in a very safe way since she goes to a range, knows how to safely operate a gun, and always wears protective eye gear.

She even posted a cool photo on her Instagram of her posing with a gun and captioned it “A girl and her guns. A love story.”

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