Cute Details About Drew Lock's Relationship With Girlfriend Natalie Newman

Meet Natalie Newman!

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This Dener Bronco is out of the dating field and in a committed relationship!

Drew Lock, who is the Denver Broncos Quarterback, and new girlfriend Natalie Newman, marked their one-year anniversary on Instagram in September. 

The young 24-year-old quarterback was selected 42nd overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, and Natalie selected Drew to be her “best friend, soulmate, the greatest man, and everything in between,” said Newman on her Instagram anniversary post from September 12.


The quarterback also had nothing but loving things to say about his “NatCat,” on his Instagram one-year-anniversary post he dedicated to Newman saying, “A quick but very eventful 365 with this one! From cast all the way through quarantine, teaching her to fish, and even freezing cold corn maze walks! She managed to always make me smile, love you NatCat!” 

It hasn’t been long since Lock has joined the Broncos and soon after started seeing Newman, so we’re curious to know more about the woman who made his 2020 an eventful year.

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Who is Drew Lock’s girlfriend, Natalie Newman?

Read on to find out 8 things you maybe didn’t know about Natalie Newman.

1. She’s an Instagram influencer and model.

Natalie has a pretty big following on her Instagram and that’s because she tends to use her Instagram as an influencer and model for different companies. 

From the looks of her Instagram, she’s partnered with Revolve, Bumble, Google Pixel, Vital Proteins, Boohoo, LSpace, MONTCE SWIM, and other swimwear brands. Newman also has 182k followers on Instagram — not too shabby.


2. She went to college at the University of Colorado Boulder.

She moved to Colorado in 2015 to begin her college career at the University of Colorado Boulder and spent four years having what looks like a fun and exciting college experience. She graduated in April 2019 and seems to have stayed in Denver since then.

Lock went to school and played football at the University of Missouri. Soon after graduating in April 2019, he was drafted into the NFL to play for the Broncos.

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3. She’s 23 and a Capricorn.

The adventurous Capricorn is 23-years-old and her birthday is on January 1st. Lock even celebrated her birthday on his Instagram in January soon after they started dating. The timeline of when they started dating seems to be somewhere between September and the beginning of October 2019, and possibly because of the dating app Bumble, which Newman sponsored on her Instagram shortly before posting her official boyfriend pic on October 13th, 2019.

Lock is 24 years old and his birthday is on November 10th, making him a Scorpio.

Capricorn and Scorpio are also a soulmate match, so there’s a very good chance this relationship could last for a while. 

4. She’s from Jupiter, Florida.

Newman grew up in Jupiter, Florida and is definitely a beach girl which is probably why she loves going to California and other places with great beaches.


Fellow social media star and Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron is also from Jupiter, Florida — wonder if they know each other?

5. She loves California

Newman loves traveling to California, and other than Denver, California is the second most popular place on her Instagram.

She’s been all over California from exploring Los Angeles, Malibu, Beverly Hills and even visiting San Francisco.  

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6. She loves to travel.

Newman loves traveling probably more than anything — her Instagram story highlights are packed with so many adventures. She looks like she studied abroad from January-April and went to London, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, France, Ireland, Croatia, Greece, and Switzerland.


She also has traveled to New York City, Chicago, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean.

7. She’s very athletic .

Newman has always been very athletic, playing soccer in high school. Now, It looks like she likes to work out with her very own NFL personal trainer boyfriend.

8. She loves Coachella and music festivals.

From the looks of Newman’s Instagram, she loves Coachella because she’s been to the Coachella Music Festival about four times since 2014 and has also been to Outside Lands Festival and Divide Music Festival.


The last time she got to go was in April 2019, where she was, “cool as a cactus out here.” 

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