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New Couple Alert! 8 Things To Know About Christmas Abbott And Memphis Garrett's New Relationship

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Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett are officially dating.

But Big Brother fans don’t know how to feel about two members of The Committee alliance pairing up in real life. 

Abbott and Garrett met on Big Brother season 22, the All Stars season. They evidently grew very close to one another in the house and announced that they are dating less than two months after the season ended.

Their relationship has already gone through a lot of ups and downs.

Keep reading to learn all the juicy details about Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett’s relationship. 

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The couple announced their relationship on Instagram. 

On December 1, 2020, Christmas Abbott took to Instagram to announce that she's dating Memphis Garrett. She posted a couple of adorable selfies of the two of them together and captioned the photo “Love is not found, it’s built.”

Memphis Garrett also posted one of the photos to his Instagram page and captioned it, “Sometime people come into your life and you know they just belong. We tried to fight it but fate had its own plan. Excited for the future.”

Garrett allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with Abbott.

While Abbott and Garrett were inside the Big Brother house, rumors started to circulate that Garrett was cheating on his girlfriend at home with Abbott.

Rumors began because Garrett’s then-girlfriend, Dominique Scalise deleted all of his pictures from her Instagram account. Fans who were watching the live feeds believed that Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett shared a late night kiss and it was following that, Scalise deleted the pictures from her Instagram account. 

Former Big Brother player, Kat Dunn tweeted the video of Abbott and Garrett on October 11 titled “Christmas & Memphis a kiss or a whisper.” However, Christmas Abbott wrote on her Instagram picture caption “(I promise it wasn’t a kiss).” 

A Twitter user named PoshyKimW also replied to Dunn’s tweet and told her that they apparently “had a shower rendezvous/session?” and “so the kiss was a touching follow-up. I saw somewhere the other night (Thurs or Fri) on feeds cut/changed when Memphis & Xmas said “in the shower...Next day heard somewhere it happened.”

Christmas Abbott also had a boyfriend when she went into the Big Brother house.

While Christmas Abbott was in the Big Brother house, her boyfriend, Zeb, was cheering her on at home. However, on September 5, Abbott tweeted:

Garrett knew he liked Abbott during week 6 of Big Brother.

Memphis Garrett admitted to liking Christmas Abbott very early on in the Big Brother house. Garrett stated, “I knew around week six in the house that there was something about her I would not be able to ignore.”

Garrett explained, “We both had to respectfully take care of situations we were in and needed some time. That time apart made me realize I couldn’t be without her.”

He even claimed, “We did not kiss in the Big Brother house, and we were never in the jury house together.” 

Garrett added, “Christmas and I have a relationship that was built from the inside out. Her contagious smile and her unapologetic laugh is what I fell for, and it just so happens she is smoking hot.”

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Dating rumors started when they were seen at a Florida bar together.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett were first seen hanging out outside of the Big Brother house at a bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the end of November.

They were spotted because they took a picture with a fan, which then began circulating on social media. A fan even commented, “Are Memphis and Christmas a couple now? … they were very flirty while in the BB house — so who knows — I was just curious if they decided to become a couple.”

Abbott and Garrett both have kids. 

Christmas Abbott has a son named Loyal Atticus Abbott. She had Loyal with her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Bunn. She even documented her pregnancy on instagram

Memphis Garrett also has a son named River Waylon Garrett. He had his son with his ex-wife Ashley Zoppa. He and Zoppa got married in 2012 and were separated in 2015, the same year they had their son.

Christmas Abbott was arrested for a car wreck in 2018. 

In 2018, Christmas Abbott was arrested in Florida for confronting her baby daddy’s side chick.

Allegedly, her boyfriend at the time — Benjamin Bunn — was cheating on her and Abbott was not happy about it.

Abbott followed the girl to her gym and asked her a bunch of questions outside and even ended up throwing a coffee at her. Then Abbott purposefully drove into her car.

According to the police report, Abbott called the woman a "pathetic home-wrecking little slut." Christmas Abbott was  8 months pregnant at the time of the altercation.

Memphis Garrett’s nudes were leaked.

On December 1, the same day that Garrett and Abbott announced their relationship, Memphis Garrett’s nudes were leaked. Some of his Big Brother castmates were quick to respond. Da’vonne Rogers tweeted a GIF of Pheobe from Friends that says “My eyes! My eyes!”

Memphis Garrett has not yet commented on his leaked nudes and it's unknown about who leaked the photos.

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