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Where Is Janelle Pierzina Now? What The 'Big Brother' Star Is Up Today

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Where Is Janelle Pierzina Now? What The 'Big Brother' Star Is Up Today

Where is Janelle Pierzina now?

Janelle Pierzina is known as the queen of Big Brother and she will always hold that title, although she got evicted from season 22 pre-jury. 

She broke the record for being in the house the longest, for 200 days, and is the only player to be on Big Brother four times. 

Pierzina first appeared in season 6 of Big Brother back in 2005. She aligned early in the game with Kaysar Ridha and they were targeted early on. In season 6, she was put on the block six different times and survived 5 of those times. She is known as being a “comp beast” for winning tqo Head of Household competitions and two Power of Veto competitions in one season which got her to the final three. Pierzina returned for season 7, which was the original All-Star season, and worked with Kaysar once again and also made it to the final three a second time.  

Pierzina also made an appearance in season 14 but only made it to 12th place. Most recently, she played in the second All-Stars season, which is season 22, alongside Kaysar once again. Her and Kaysar were targeted once again very early on and were evicted pre-jury. 

Pierzina clearly has been living her best life since leaving the Big Brother house. 

What has Janelle Pierzina been up to since Big Brother?

Soon after getting booted from the Big Brother house, Pierzina posted a video to her twitter of her cooking dinner at home behind her daughter, who was dancing to a tik tok dance set to the song “WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Cardi B noticed the tweet by Pierzina and retweeted it while also captioning it “Okay then …I wonder if Meg saw this ?"

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She sold a necklace for $18k for charity.

On season 22, Pierzina was sporting her name on a gold-plated necklace. Although she was the third evicted houseguest, she decided to sell that necklace on eBay and raised $18 thousand for it. She decided to give that money to her favorite charity, Give Kids The World Village. This charity gifts children who have illnesses a nice vacation with their family. 

Pierzina posted a picture on Instagram of herself holding up the check that went straight to Give Kids The World Village.


A post shared by Janelle Pierzina (@janellepierzina) on Sep 16, 2020 at 4:30pm PDT

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Who are Janelle Pierzina's husband and kids?

Amid the COVID-10 pandemic, Pierzina is spending quality time with her kids, husband Jess DeSanto, and pet bunny. 

Janelle Pierzina has three children, Violet (8 years old), Lincoln (7), and Stella (5 years old). The kids just started school again so Pierzina is sending them off to school in the morning and spending as much quality time with them in the evening. She has also been spending time taking care of her bunny named Blueberry.

She's also trying to convince her Big Brother friend Kaysar to get a pet bunny, too.

Pierzina's spilling all of her thoughts on the remaining Big Brother houseguests. 

Even though Janelle Pierzina is no longer in the Big Brother house, she's still following along with the rest of us. She shares all of her unfiltered thoughts on Twitter and spilling all the tea! Pierzina has even been calling out one of the most disliked houseguests of the season, Nicole Franzel, for making fun of Ian Terry’s autism. 

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