Disturbing Details About Christmas Abbott And Benjamin Bunn's Relationship, Including How Abbott Attacked His Alleged 'Side Chick' While Pregnant


Disturbing Details About Christmas Abbott’s Arrest And Relationship With Baby Daddy Benjamin Bunn instagram

Christmas Abbott found reality TV fame after placing in third place on Big Brother Season 19, and made headlines again after giving birth to son Loyal Atticus in October 2018 with baby daddy Benjamin Bunn.

Now, however, she’s in the news for a more disturbing reason. TMZ reported that Abbott turned herself in to police in November 2018. Police charged her with felony criminal mischief. What’s most disturbing about Abbott’s arrest is that the former Big Brother house guest was 8 months pregnant at the time of the alleged attack.


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It appears that by the time Abbot gave birth, her relationship with Bunn was already on the outs.

Here’s what we know about Christmas Abbott and Benjamin Bunn’s relationship — and why Abbott was arrested.


1. Bunn is a CrossFit trainer

Bunn’s Instagram account reveals that he’s serious about fitness, much like Abbott. His bio shows that he’s a former Paratrooper and owner of a CrossFit gym. In an interview with CrossFit Unbreakable, Bunn also revealed that he’s planning on competing as a master in the CrossFit games and becoming a certified yoga instructor.

2. Abbott and Bunn’s relationship timeline is kind of odd.

According to The News & Observer, Abbott and Bunn knew each other for about a year before it became romantic. "We were just kind of friends for a long time and then started dating," Abbott explained, claiming they began officially dating in October 2017.

At the time of the interview, which occurred in May 2018, Abbott claimed the pregnancy was a surprise but she and Bunn planned on parenting together. “We have the same goals and aspirations for this, and that is to be amazing parents, to have an awesome, healthy, loving relationship, and make this our own journey and not have to conform to traditional expectations," Abbott said.

However, it appears things went bad sometime over the summer. Bunn revealed to Us Weekly that he and Abbott had been out of contact since August 2018. He also claimed that he hadn’t been “romantically involved” with Abbott since December 2017, long before Abbott talked to The News & Observer about their pregnancy.


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3. Bunn found out about his son’s birth through social media

After his son’s birth, Bunn told Us Weekly that even though he was aware of the due date, he didn’t know the details of Abbott’s birthing plan. “I was finally able to reach her a few days before the due date,” Bunn explained, but said he didn’t find out about Abbott going into labor until everyone else did — via Instagram. “I found out she was being induced through Instagram, and shortly thereafter received an email.”

4. Abbott was arrested in November 2018

Photo: TMZ


While news about Abbott’s arrest surfaced in November, the actual incident occurred a few months prior.

TMZ reported that at the time of the alleged attack, Abbott drove to a Tampa gym where she planned to confront Bunn’s alleged side chick. According to police, Abbott threw a coffee cup during the attack and then went one to drive into the other woman’s car in the parking lot. She also verbally assaulted the woman, reportedly calling her “pathetic” and a “homewrecker” among other worse things  — all the while being 8 months pregnant.

Police did not detain Abbott at the scene due to her pregnancy, though they reportedly took her vehicle and told her to turn herself in after she gave birth.

5. Is Abbott and Bunn’s baby’s name a jab at Bunn?



#3weekspostpartum ?” #2weekspostpartum 40” #1weekpostpartum 44” I still can’t believe he fit inside of me! My body change has been huge and fast. I’m not working out, only recovering and I feel like that is slow. I don’t want to push this process. Short term greed isn’t worth long term damage - that can be applied to a lot of things! So I’m allowing my body to heal from the double trauma of labor & a c-section plus my organs being all messed up from my pregnancy, and oh...the hormones. The hormones!!! Our bodies go through way too much to have unrealistic timeline for “bouncing back” to our “before” bodies. There’s some time to give ourselves without the pressure of being pushed even more than we already are by this beautiful process. I may look like I have my old body back but I can tell you I am so far from it, I don’t recognize my own skin. I’ve lost a huge amount of muscle mass, skin tightness, added cellulite, and a shape that just isn’t “mine”. Still, I LOVE Amy body as it is today because three weeks ago it gave me the BEST thing in my entire life, LOYAL. That’s worth the trade a million times over. I will get back to training, when I should and when my body is ready for it. I know I will be excited for it, i want to even now but my body just isn’t there yet. Until then I’m stealing all the snuggles with my lil man I can get with my squishy body and loving all of it!

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Is it a coincidence that Abbott chose the name “Loyal” for her son after it appears Bunn may have cheated on her?


According to Bunn, he had no say in his son’s name, telling Us Weekly that he found out about the baby’s name online. “I suggested a hyphenated last name,” Bunn said, but Abbott did not include Bunn’s name anywhere on the baby’s birth certificate.

Abbott described her baby naming process to Entertainment Tonight in October 2018. “My family has a history of strong and unique names so I wanted to follow suit,” Abbott explained. “I chose his first name Loyal because I believe it will guide him to have strong integrity through his life. It’s a reminder that family comes first, which is why it is his first name.”

According to Bunn, he and Abbott are currently trying to co-parent their son. “It takes compromise, patience and the ability to set your ego aside so you can make decisions that are truly best for the child,” Bunn told Us Weekly. “It’s no easy task, but Christmas and I are both accustomed to hard work.”


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