12 Things You Never Knew About Interior Designer Benjamin Bradley From 'Holiday Home Makeover'

Here are some quirky facts about Netflix's newest star Benjamin Bradley.

benjamin bradley Netflix

Benjamin Bradley is the face and host of Netflix's new home makeover series, Holiday Home Makeover which is available to stream now.

The show follows Bradley as he helps families decorate their homes during the holiday season.

It's a great home makeover series — with a holiday spin — that will get you brimming with excitement for the holidays.

The show not only decorates the home but also gets to the heart of human beings while helping to relieve stress that can sometimes come along with Christmas.


The show has been compared to that of Netflix's hit wholesome series Queer Eye.

Who is Benjamin Bradley, host of Holiday Home Makeover?

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Benjamin Bradley is a successful Interior designer.

In 2013, he left his former company that he had been a partner of for 19 years and started up his own interior design company called E&Co. Home.


Bradley has been a part of the interior design industry for a total of 26 years.

Benjamin Bradley was born and raised in the Midwest.

Benjamin Bradley is from the small town of Boonville, Indiana.

He attended the local high school before going on to further his education in New York.

Benjamin Bradley has always loved Christmas.

The interior designer has had a passion for Christmas ever since he was a baby boy.


Bradley revealed that he remembers being all about the holidays even as a young boy and once told a story from his childhood.  "I remember dragging a dead Christmas tree back to the house. I guess I was going to decorate it and do the whole thing all over again. So that's a big part of who I am."

He was "Mr. Christmas" long before he came to Netflix.

Although Netflix adopted the nickname Mr. Christmas for the show, Bradley explained how the origin of that title was bestowed onto him:

"Personally, a lot of people would say, 'Oh my gosh, you’re just Mr. Christmas.' I belong to a Christmas organization that sort of donned that name onto me ... there are many Mr. Christmases out there." 

Benjamin Bradley starts decorating for Christmas super-early.

Bradley admitted in that same interview that he starts decorating for the holiday pretty early:


"Typically we don’t really even acknowledge Halloween around here. I usually start about the second week of October. And you know, I like trying different things and stuff like that. So you know, creativity takes a little while. So, I putz and play and stuff. It takes probably a week, week and a half to get it all up." 

Benjamin Bradley does not like drama. 

Bradley also revealed in that same interview that he's not into nonsense.

"Look, I’m thrilled to do [the show]. Nothing could make me happier than to do a Christmas show. But I don’t want drama.”

He went on to describe what he likes to see around the holiday season, " when I sit down during the holiday season, I don’t want to see drama. I want to see feel-good [content], grab a cup of cocoa, have a good evening at home sort of thing, and enjoy."


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He loves the theater.

Bradley posted a photo of the set from Moulin Rouge, a jukebox musical on Broadway based on the Baz Luhrmann movie. 

The caption read, "Had the sheer pleasure of seeing Moulin Rouge last night! A visual feast with the greatest mash-up of pop songs to date! Treat yourself and go! Great fun!"

Not only does he enjoy watching theater, but he is a part of the theater community, too.

He has an interview scheduled with Theather Mania on their YouTube Channel on Nov 18 at 2 pm where he will discuss his new show.

He has a rule about holiday inflatables.

On the show, people will see an episode where Bradley dismisses a Rudolph inflatable, "I just actually said that to somebody, I’m like, 'Oh, I hate inflatables. They look like wet dishrags when they’re not inflated.' They’re a lot of bang for the buck, but I just don’t think they’re very creative."


What are Benjamin Bradley's holiday pet peeves?

For starters, Bradley hates it when people don't take the tags off decorations.

"It drives me crazy when people don’t cut tags off. I can’t tell you how many times I had to say to everybody, 'Cut the tags off.' Cut the tags off on light strings, on garlands, on Christmas trees. When people just leave the tags on it drives — it’s like when people leave the plant stick in when they plant plants in the ground, and they leave that little white tag there. It drives me bonkers."


He also wants people to stop hanging ornaments by the strings that come with it, "Put a hook on the ornament for God’s sake!"

Benjamin Bradley loves New York City.

Ever since Bradley moved to NYC In the early '90s to complete his bachelor's degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology the man has been in love with the Big Apple.

After his classes, he would scour flea markets and antique shops looking for interesting things that could make his apartment more "authentic" to the New York culture.

Benjamin Bradley's Instagram account is a mini-portfolio of his work and New York.

On his Instagram page, he posts many cool and interesting things he finds around his home city of NYC as well as the kooky creations he makes.


As you scroll through his page you can tell the interior designer has genuine love for his city and his work. 

Benjamin Bradley's net worth as of this year will hit $3 million.

Benjamin Bradley has a dog.

Benjamin Bradley is the parent of a chocolate-colored canine named Ebbie.

The gorgeous lab can be seen on Bradley's Instagram playing outside and snuggling on the couch. 

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