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10 Things You Never Knew About Midori Francis, Star Of Netflix's 'Dash & Lily'

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Midori Francis has recently been climbing up the ladder to fame.

She's a 26-year-old actress who has starred in the television series Gotham and in movies like Ocean's 8 and Good Boys.

Now the incredible actress is starring in the new Netflix holiday series Dash & Lily.

You can stream it on Netflix on November 10th.

Who is Midori Francis?

1. Midori Francis is an Aries.

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The Dash & Lily star was born on April 16, 1994, in Rumson New Jersey.

2. What is Midori Francis's birth name?

She was born Midori Iwama and was named after her grandmother.

The reason for her name change is unknown.

3. Midori Francis is the "Brad" girl from Liberty Mutual.

Midori Francis played the girl in one of the several Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials. She's the one that laments the loss of her first car "Brad".

The 30-second spot is what has gained her exposure and continued to open doors for her to book her next projects:

“It’s about building relationships and auditioning well so that you keep getting called back in — hoping that when the role or timing is right, you’ll book something really cool," Midori said of her break-through ad. "In that sense, my commercial has definitely helped.”


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4. She's performed at The Globe Theater in London.

During Midori Francis' schooling at Rutgers University, she studied for a semester abroad.

Under the Matt Gross School of Performing Arts, she got to perform at Shakespeare's Globe in London during the time she spent abroad.

5. Midori Francis has starred in off-Broadway plays.

Midori Francis isn't just a TV actor, she's also dipped her toes into off-Broadway.

She's been in 3 productions so far since 2016. Her first was The Wolves which she was a part of for 2 years, for which she won an Obie Award and a Drama Desk Award.

Her other productions include Pygmalion and Usual Girls

She was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Usual Girls.


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6. Midori Francis shares a birthday with Liliana Mumy.

Midori Francis was born on the same exact day as the actress known for playing the role of Jessica in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies.

7. Midori Francis is single.

The Dash & Lily actress is currently happily single.

She's dated in the past but keeps her private life private. 


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8. Midori Francis has Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It looks as if her Twitter account is used primarily for promoting her work and career, whereas her Instagram account is where you can catch a glimpse of her personal life and adorable personality as she hangs out with her closest friends.

Both of Francis's accounts are public allowing everyone to follow.

9. Midori Francis is politically active.

On her social media, Midori Francis speaks out on issues that she is passionate about. 

For example, she protested against Muslim discrimination back in January 2017

10. In her free time, she likes to write poems.

On her Instagram, you'll see multiple posts containing poems she wrote.

One talks about a little caterpillar and another is about an aching love story. You can scroll through and read them all.


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