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Watch Trump's Spiritual Advisor Paula White Speak In Tongues To Elicit Election Win

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As the White House spiritual advisor, Paula White took things to an interesting level today.

The Evangelist preacher is in the news and trending on social media after performing what some see a a bizarre prayer asking for 'Angels from Africa' to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. You can watch the full video below.

In evangelical circles, the "prosperity gospel" preacher is fairly well-known, but what about her husband?

Who is Paula White's husband, Jonathan Cain?

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Jonathan Leonard Friga, known professionally as Jonathan Cain, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Cain Is very religious, like his wife. His Twitter account is primarily used to quote Bible verses and his bio states he's a Believer, capital B, which signifies that he believes that Jesus Christ is his personal savior. 

Jonathan Cain is in the band Journey.

Jonathan Cain is a musician, singer, and songwriter, and author.

He's best known as the keyboardist from the rock and roll group Journey.

His music career began  In 1979 when he joined the band, The Babys and in 1980, Cain joined the rock band, Journey.

He helped create the sound that made 'Escape' Journey's defining album. 


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Jonathan Cain also has three solo abums.

In 2016, Cain released his first solo album which was faith-based. It was entitled 'What God Wants To Hear.'

His second album, which was a Christmas LP, came out a year later in 2017 called 'Unsung Noel.'

His last album was released on May 3, 2019, called 'More Like Jesus'. Some of the songs include: “Now Unto Him”, “Tell Your Mountain”, “Kingdom Come Down”, “Love Carries The Cross”, and “Beautiful In Every Way".

Cain said in an interview, “I’m very prolific when it comes to music for God. These days that's what I'm writing, and I'm having a blast with it. I'm recording in my new studio and I get to play with the A-list players in Nashville, 'cause they're happy to get away from the country for a minute.”

Cain is a Hall of Fame Inductee.

Jonathan Cain rose to the top of his rock career in 2017 when Journey was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Cain participated in the traditional interview series of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.


A post shared by Jonathan Cain (@jonathancainmusic) on Oct 31, 2020 at 9:38am PDT

Jonathan Cain also wrote a book.

Jonathan Cain took a crack at writing when he published his first book, Don't Stop Believin': The Man, the Band, and the Song that Inspired Generationsin 2018.

In the book, Cain writes about a traumatic experience that carried him throughout his life.

"As a child, Cain survived a horrific school fire that killed nearly 100 of his classmates. His experience formed a resilience that would carry him through both tragedy and success. Moving from Chicago to Sunset Boulevard, Cain never let go of his dreams, eventually getting his big break with Journey —and writing the songs that would become the soundtrack of a generation."

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How old is Jonathan Cain?

Jonathan Cain is 70 years old.

The Journey member was born on February 26, 1950, making him a Pisces.


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How old is Paula White?

Paula White is 15 years younger than her husband at 54 years old.

She was born on April 20, 1966. Paula White is a Taurus.

Who is Paula White's ex-husband?

Paula White was married twice before Cain.

In her teens, she married local musician Dean White. The couple married in 1985 and divorced four years later. They had one son.

White's second husband was Randy White, an American pastor, bishop, and theology activist. He was married to White from 1990-2007. 

Randy White attended rehab following a DUI arrest in 2011

Paula White's son — who is he?

Paula White has one son named Bradley Knight from her first marriage, who White installed as a senior church leader in 2019.


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Jonathan Cain's kids — does he have any?

Jonathan Cain had three children with his ex-wife Elizabeth Yvette Fullerton. 

The couple had two daughters, Madison and Liza, and a son, Weston during their marriage.

What is Jonathan Cain's net worth?

Jonathan Cain's net worth is $30 million.


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