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Democrat John Hickenlooper Wins Colorado Senate Seat — Meet His Wife, Robin Pringle

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Democrat John Hickenlooper won the senate seat for Colorado, defeating Republican Cory Gardner.

After suspending his failed presidential campaign in August 2019, Hickenlooper now has a Senate win under his belt.

Hickenlooper is an American politician, businessman, and geologist, and his win has sparked renewed interest in his personal life and family.

Who is John Hickenlooper's wife, Robin Pringle?

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Robin Pringle was born in sunny California.

She attended Duke University and Northwestern University for her secondary schooling.

She has a Bachelor's degree in public policy and got her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

What does Robin Pringle do for a living?

Pringle is currently the Vice President of Liberty Media, where she oversees the corporate development of the many companies Liberty Media owns which include: QVC, Charter Communications, SiriusXM, the Atlanta Braves, Provide Commerce, and Barnes and Noble.

She also retains the company's investment portfolio while looking for investment opportunities.

She's also on the Board of Directors for SiriusXM.


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She helped found a company dedicated to uniting female leaders.

Pringle co-founded WeCN, an organization "whose mission is to unite female leaders in media and technology and provide an opportunity for promising female entrepreneurs to enhance and improve their businesses."

Robin Pringle is a Republican — even though her husband is a Democratic Senator. 

Though her husband continues to serve and run as a Democrat, Pringle has registered more than once as a Republican.

She has made contributions to both Republican and Democratic parties.

This couple goes to show that people with different party affiliations can still make it work.


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Pringle enjoys skiing.

Along with her strong interest in politics, Pringle is an avid skier — and her home city of Denver, Colorado is the perfect place to indulge in the wintertime leisure activity! 

How old is Robin Pringle?

Robin Pringle is 42 years old which leaves for a serious age gap of more than 20 years between herself and her husband.

On their age difference, Pringle said, "Anybody who actually knows me thinks I'm older than he is, so it doesn't actually phase most people once they spend an hour with us."

How old is John Hickenlooper?

John Hickenlooper is 68 years old and was born on February 7, 1952, in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

Hickenlooper is an Aquarius.


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How did John Hickenlooper and Robin Pringle meet?

It's unclear how Hickenlooper met Pringle, but Hickenlooper proposed on Christmas of 2015. 

When did Hickenlooper and Pringle get married?

The couple got married while Hickenlooper was halfway through his term as Governor of Colorado.

The ceremony was small and private and happened only a few weeks after they got engaged.

They were married in January of 2016. 

John Hickenlooper — how many kids does he have with Robin Pringle?

As of right now, the couple has not had any of their own kids.

However, Hickenlooper has a child with his ex-wife, a son named Teddy who's 18 years old.


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Who is John Hickenlooper's ex-wife?

John Hickenlooper's first wife was Helen Thorpe, an Irish-America author and former first lady of Colorado until their divorce in 2015.

They were married for 13 years and had one son. 

Their statement on their separation read, “After years of marriage that have added tremendous love and depth to both of our lives, we have decided to separate. This decision is mutual and amicable.” 

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