What To Do When A Taurus Ignores You

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What To Do When A Taurus Ignores You

Taurus zodiac signs are stubborn.

And when you don't let a Taurus have their way, you get the horns.

Anyone with a Taurus in their life has probably had to deal with this question before — what do I do when a Taurus ignores me?

It can be hard to navigate the stressful world of being ignored, especially when it involves a Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus zodiac signs are like everyone else. They need time to process their emotions.

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But, some people need their space while others will be even more offended if you don’t text them twenty times.

It’s hard to know which option is best, but you can help the situation turn around.

Our zodiac signs can help with this and today we want to focus on what to do when a Taurus ignores you.

There are a few reasons a Taurus will ignore you: they may be busy, hurt, worried, indecisive or they may simply be trying to punish you.

Whatever the reason, the situation is not hopeless.

Here's what to do when a Taurus ignores you: 

1. Give them space.

Nothing but patience will work with a Taurus.

If your Taurus is ignoring you, the very best thing you can do is to give them the time and space they need to work through whatever is going on.

They need their time to think about things and having you chasing them down won’t help.

This can be hard when you don’t know why they’re ignoring you, but it’s something you just have to do.

Whether or not they’re upset with you is something they will tell you in their own time; until then, it’s best to wait them out and not intrude in their space.

2. Be direct.

Be open about your feelings.

When the time comes for a talk (or if you simply have to send one more message before you back off) make sure you are honest and direct about your feelings.

If you’re confused, say so. If you’re hurt, tell them.

Your feelings are just as valid and a direct message about your confusion may spur them into action.

It can be hard to sit around and wait for them to be ready for a talk, but once it is time make sure you know exactly what you want to say and are as honest as possible.

3. Don’t nag.

Nagging a Taurus who is M.I.A is probably the worst thing you can do.

They’ve taken a moment to themselves for a reason and the last thing they want is you bombarding them with messages and calls.

You know you are being ignored. They know they are ignoring you.

Nagging them will only delay the resolution and put you in a position where you’re vulnerable.

Let them have their space, and in the meantime, distract yourself with something fun until they are ready to talk it out.

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4. Don't use guilt.

Don’t be overly emotional.

This is similar to not nagging them to stop and for good reason.

Being overly emotional with a Taurus will scare them off.

Being direct and being overly emotional and very different things.

Taurus signs admire honesty but weeping displays and screaming will get you nowhere.

If it’s time for a talk, explain your thoughts and feelings rationally and clearly.

They will respect that more than anything else.

5. Don't be pushy.

Don’t force the conversation.

Finally, do not force any Taurus who is not in the mood to talk to have a conversation.

This will get you nowhere and probably end up hurting you more.

If you try to make them talk before they are ready, this could piss them off even more.

Even if the reason they were ignoring you had nothing to do with you in the first place, forcing conversation could make it about you.

You will know when a Taurus is ready to talk because they will come to you.

Being patient is the best option.

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