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Lorraine Bracco's Husbands: Who Was She Married To?

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Lorraine Bracco

Lorraine Bracco is an actress who is best known for playing the role of Jennifer Melfi in the show The Sopranos.

She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her work on the show.

Bracco is also known for starring in the movies Goodfellas, Medicine Man, and The Basketball Diaries

Most recently, Bracco announced that she will be moving to Sicily, Italy to fix up a home that she bought for only one euro. Bracco will document the whole experience for her new show, My Big Italian Adventure, that premieres on HGTV on Friday, October 30. 

Bracco is definitely about to embark on a big adventure in her new house, but who did she used to share a home with? 

Who are Lorraine Bracco's husbands, Edward James Olmos and Daniel Guerard?

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Lorraine Bracco's first husband is Daniel Guerard.

When Lorraine Bracco was 23, she fell for a hair salon owner named Daniel Guerard. They met in Paris while Bracco was living there as a fashion model.

At that time, she found out she was pregnant and Bracco recalls, "Basically, he said, 'Well, what do you want to do?' And I said, 'Well, where I come from you get married and you have the child.' And he very happily said, 'OK. Let's do it."

The couple got married in 1979 and had a daughter named Margaux Guerard.

The couple divorced in 1982.


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Following her first marriage, Bracco had a relationship with Harvey Keitel. 

After Bracco’s marriage with Guerard ended, she met Harvey Keitel, an actor known for Reservoir Dogs, Taxi Driver, and Pulp Fiction.

Bracco recalls meeting him and said, "He was very intense. I was seduced."

She and Keitel never got married but they moved in together in New York City.

In 1985, they had a daughter named Stella Keitel. 

In 1987, Keitel helped Bracco book a role in the movie Someone to Watch Over Me. As her acting career started to skyrocket, her relationship with Keitel took a plunge.

Apparently, Keitel would often disappear for a couple days and Bracco learned that he had a drug relapse.

Bracco said, "I begged, I pleaded. He promised, he cried. It would be over, it would be over … and there were months where it was fine." 

Bracco and Keitel dated for 11 years and broke up in 1992. As their relationship reached the end, Bracco had an affair with her soon-to-be second husband. 

Lorraine Bracco's second husband was Edward James Olmos. 

While Bracco was filming the 1991 movie A Talent for the Game, she met Edward James Olmos and the two began having an affair.

She recalls how Keitel took it when he found out about the affair. "He hated me for it. I disgusted him," Bracco said. "That was the beginning of the end. And I knew that. And maybe it was my way, my very immature un-Dr. Melfi-ish way to end that relationship."

Bracco and Olmos were off again-on again because took breaks from him to focus on being a good mother to her two daughters.

In 1993, Olmos and Bracco were back together — until  it came to light that a year prior, Olmos was accused of abusing a minor.

Olmos allegedly molested one of Stella Kietel’s friends and he paid off her family to keep quiet. Bracco apparently was aware of the situation but tried to keep it under wraps from Keitel. 

Bracco stood by Olmos's side and they ended up getting married in 1994.

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Bracco and Keitel engaged in a vicious custody battle over their daughter.

When Keitel discovered that Olmos’s abused a minor, he filed for custody of their daughter, Stella, claiming Stella was not safe in the presence of Olmos.

The custody battle cost $2 million, but custody was awarded to Bracco in 1966. However, the ruling stated that Stella, who was 12 years old at the time, would not be allowed near Olmos and it was advised that Olmos seek counseling.  

However, Keitel appealed that decision based on the fact that Olmos received threats a couple years before from the Mexican Mafia after making a film about them. However, the judge ended up ruling again in Bracco's favor.

Olmos stated that Keitel was just trying to use Stella and the custody case because he is a "lover bent on revenge."

Bracco divorced from Olmos in the early 2000s.

After going through the custody battle with Keitel, her relationship with Olmos fizzled out. The couple ended up getting a divorce in 2002. 

She earned $4 million from her role on The Sopranos.

Since then, Bracco has been been dating 32-year-old Jason Cippolla for a while now. He could even be husband number 3.

Bracco commented on the relationship, "I was more intimidated than Jason because of the age difference. I was like 'Oh my God! What am I doing?'”

She even says life is now “fun.” and, "the kids are good, things are good. I've paid off all my bills. And I feel like a kid."

Stella Keitel has grown up. 

Bracco’s daughter Stella is currently 34 years old and was born on December 10, 1985, making her a Sagittarius.

She is currently a clinical psychologist and announced that she will be posting mental health resources on her Instagram account in the near future.

She captioned her first Instagram post saying, “Busy on the frontlines but looking forward to providing you with mental health knowledge and resources very soon. Until then, stay home and stop the spread! - Dr. K.”

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