Does Britney Spears Have Dementia? Father Jamie Spears Claims She's Suffering From Mental Illness In Court Documents

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Does Britney Spears Have Dementia? Father Jamie Spears Claims She's Suffering From Mental Illness In Court Documents

As the #FreeBritney saga continues, it sounds like there's a pretty interesting development that may clue us into why Jamie Spears has been fighting so hard for daughter Britney Spears to stay under the watchful eye of a conservator.

According to court documents, Jamie has claimed in the past that Britney is suffering from dementia, but is that the truth or is it a way for him to keep her under his thumb? 

Does Britney Spears have dementia?

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What is the truth? Here's everything we know so far. 

Jamie first claimed that Britney has dementia in 2008. 

In court documents that have resurfaced from 2008 — originally hitting the internet via Twitter in 2016 and coming to light again now — Jamie claimed that Britney has dementia and needs to be under a general conservatorship.

He did not seem to expand on these claims in the paperwork, though, and it's never been revealed if this is something Spears has been formally diagnosed with.

Spears having dementia allows her conservator to have more control over her.

As the legal paperwork revealed, Spears having dementia would allow whoever's in charge of her conservatorship to have more power over her than any other type of conservatorship would, which may have been why Jamie wanted to claim that his daughter is suffering from the illness.

"Probate Code Section 2356.5 allows conservators to request particularly strong powers if the conservative allegedly suffers from dementia. If the conservatee has a dementia-related illness, the conservator may be empowered to place the conservatee in a locked-door institution and to authorize the administration of medications 'appropriate to the care of dementia,'" says the document. 

Spears has been known for her erratic social media posts. 

Fans have long suspected that something is up with Spears' mental health, and many of their concerns stem from the kinds of posts that she makes on Instagram.

She's known for sharing the same photo more than once and writing captions that don't always make sense, and people seem to be split on whether she should remain under a conservatorship or not. Either way, her Instagram certainly seems to insinuate that something is up.

Also, a TikTok user recently made a video, which has gone viral, explaining why he thinks that the cyberbullying of Spears needs to stop. The user, Mars Monroe, claimed that Spears has, "zero rights or control over her career and life." 

He says that she is completely complicit to her handlers. There are others that seem to agree, with some sources claiming that these posts that fans have found so bizarre aren't even her own and that her handlers are the ones who are really writing them.  

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Mars also claimed in the video that Spears had an entire "forbidden" album back in the early 2000's that she was not allowed to ever release, due to it going more into what she was really going through in her life. 

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More recently, Spears made headlines for burning down her home gym. 

In a broadcast on Instagram Live in April, Spears casually revealed that she had accidentally burned her home gym down, though no one had been hurt in the incident.

"Hi guys, I'm in my gym right now. I haven't been in here for like six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately," Britney said. "I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down." 

However, the strangest part about the incident is that Spears' camp came back and denied what the singer had said. They said that she had never burned down her gym and that there was something that happened with candles, but nothing even close as to what Spears had originally described had happened. 

Spears' conservatorship is up for consideration again in August.

At the end of April 2020, a judge ruled that Britney would remain under the conservatorship of her care manager, Jodi Montgomery until August 22, at which point a more permanent decision will be made about Spears' future — and whether or not she'll be in charge of what happens next.  

But does Spears have dementia? It's not clear. 

So far, Spears herself has yet to confirm or speak out about Jamie's claims that she has dementia, and there's no clear evidence pointing to her suffering from the illness.

For now, we just don't have an answer to this question,but hopefully, everything is okay with Spears and she's staying safe. It makes sense that fans have been concerned but hopefully, her next hearing will help bring her to where she needs to be.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in May 2020 and was updated with the latest information.