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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eboni K. Williams, The First Black Cast Member In ‘RHONY’ History

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Eboni K. Williams

Eboni K. Williams made history after she became the first Black woman to join the cast of Real Housewives of New York. The hit Bravo reality series, which first premiered in 2008, has never had a Black cast member in the twelve years the show’s been on air. "NYC is filled with successful and dynamic Black women. I'm excited to join this legendary franchise as the first Black housewife," she said in a statement. "Can't wait to share a slice of life in this city that hasn't been seen before. Anyone who's aware of my work knows I don't hold back. I'm going to keep it just as real here as I do everywhere else." 

Who is Eboni K. Williams?

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Eboni K. Williams is an American attorney and television host who is now the first Black cast member on RHONY. Read on to find out more about the newest housewife. 

1. Who is Eboni K. Williams’ spouse?

Eboni K. Williams is not married, and it doesn’t look like she’s dating anyone either. 

2. Eboni K. Williams’ net worth is impressive.

The talk show host’s net worth is reportedly around $1 million.

3. Eboni K. Williams’ Instagram is chock-full of her accomplishments. 

One scroll through her Instagram page will show you that Eboni K. Williams is one successful gal. From red carpets, to speaking engagements, to book tours, is there anything this woman can’t do?

4. She works hard, but plays harder.

Eboni took a trip to Italy two years ago, and looked like she had a blast taking in the sights of the Italian coast. 


A post shared by Eboni K. Williams (@ebonikwilliams) on Jun 26, 2018 at 6:52am PDT

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5. She empowers other women.

Williams loves supporting other women! “Proud doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this woman!! A best friend for over 20 years and a humble wife, daughter, sister and soror. @nsublett18, you've always stayed true to your genuine values and goals,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her best friend, who was crowned Mrs. North Carolina in 2018. “ You've celebrated other remarkable women over and over again, now it's your turn to shine!! It's my honor and pleasure to congratulate you as our 2018 Mrs. North Carolina!! You did it!! Love you Queen."

6. What is Eboni K. Williams’ age?

Eboni K. Williams was born on Sept. 9, 1983, which makes her a Virgo. She is currently 37 years old, which means she’s one of the youngest cast members who are currently on the show.

“I just turned 37 and I’m at a place in my life [where] I’m on the cusp of what does family look like for me? How do I define that?” she said. “In COVID [times], if I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that family is the single most important thing in the world, and it’s gonna be the most important thing in my world going forward. That’s new for me.”

“Viewers are gonna get to ride that journey with me as I go back to see where family is for me and what it is for me historically, and I start moving forward to creating a family of my own,” she added. “That’s gonna be exciting. It’s a little scary to kind of go there, but I know it’s necessary for me to become the full woman that I want to be.”

7. Eboni K. Williams’ height is a topic of conversation.

She may be small, but she sure is mighty! Eboni K. Williams is reportedly 5-foot-1. 

8. Who are Eboni K. Williams’ parents?

Eboni K. Williams was raised by a single mother, and in an interview from 2016, she revealed that her mother has “been on the Trump train” from day one.

9. She’s a published author. 

In 2017, Williams released a book called Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance & Success

“This #PrettyPowerful tour has been amazing on many levels. By far the most humbling and incredible part has mothers and fathers purchasing my book to gift their daughters,” she wrote on Instagram in Oct. 2017.  “My opportunity to meet these future titans of industry and community has further fueled by ambition to continue this work. Meeting your #Girls has been MY gift. Thank you to the next generation of #PrettyPowerful #DayOfTheGirl #InternationalGirlsDay.”

10. She used to host a Fox News show. 

In 2017, Williams was one of the co-hosts of the Fox News show Fox News Specialists. She’s also the current host of State of the Culture on Revolt TV, and now, we’ll be able to get a closer look at her life on this season of Real Housewives of New York

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