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Did Sonja Morgan Cheat On John Adams Morgan? New Details On The Dorinda/Sonja 'Real Housewives' Feud

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Did Sonja Morgan Cheat On John Adams Morgan? New Details On The Dorinda/Sonja 'Real Housewives' Feud

In 2006, Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan famously divorced her then-husband, John Adams Morgan. And although the end of the Morgan marriage was more than a decade ago, it has still remained as a point of interest on RHONY.

Why? Because Morgan herself can't seem to stop talking about her ex and their life together, and people — namely her co-stars — have had enough. Frankly, she isn't alone. 

We can't say that we blame them, since the New York leg of the franchise is currently in its 12th season. So, of course, this could be getting a little old.

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Did Sonja Morgan cheat on John Adams Morgan?

Read on for the details.

The drama started on a 2018 episode of the series.

In 2018, on an episode of the show, the Real Housewives of New York gaggle was supposed to be enjoying a nice brunch at Countess Luanne "I have my own Pandora station" De Lesseps' Sag Harbor home. Everything was going just fine until cast member Dorinda Medley had one too many cocktails and refused to roll her eyes at Morgan anymore.

You see, Morgan kind of totally stepped in it. She compared her divorce to the death of Medley's husband, New York businessman Richard Medley, who passed away in 2011 from liver failure. 

Now, let's get one thing straight: divorce is not a cakewalk; it's brutal, and for many people, the experience of separating and eventually divorcing can feel like a death. I'm so not going to minimize anyone's experience.

That said, when you divorce someone, they are still alive and you've usually made some level of choice to leave them. Death isn't a choice and you never get to see that person again. It's very different than divorce, even if it evokes similar feelings. 

You see the beautiful explanation I did there, being sympathetic to both divorced folks and widows and widowers? That's literally all any of the housewives had to do to end the Sag Harbor brunch melee.

But they didn't. Because they are all clearly insane, and also because that does not make good television. 

Then, Medley accused Morgan of cheating on her ex-husband.

Instead, Medley lost her mind and yelled, “You got divorced how many years ago? And we talk about Mr. Morgan like he was just having tea in your house! Your husband left you, and my husband died. People were f***ing around. So don’t you dare compare your f***ing marriage to me burying my husband. Because you were f***ing around on the South of France!” 

What she said struck a nerve, because Morgan spent the rest of the episode telling anyone who would listen that she never cheated on her ex.

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Morgan's divorce caused her heartbreak.

In fact, she claims she is still in love with John, or as she calls him "Mr. Morgan."

She had also sent a brutal text to her so-called bestie on the show, Ramona Singer, for not standing up for her during the fight and revealing what she knows (the "truth") about her divorce.

So that begs the question: What is the truth about Morgan's marriage and subsequent divorce?

It might have happened in 2006, but it's still having an effect on her and it caused a massive fight that had completely divided the women of RHONY and caused an altercation that had serious ramifications on the rest of the season. 

How did Morgan and her ex meet?

Here's what's been confirmed about her relationship with "Mr. Morgan." The couple met at San Pietro, an Italian restaurant in New York City. But Morgan wasn't dining at another table — she was actually John A. Morgan's waitress!

They met again while both were visiting Aspen and, in 1998, they tied the knot.

Morgan describes their relationship as a whirlwind saying, “He was relentless. And when he asked me out on a dinner date, finally, after he sent me a letter and flowers and chocolates, I said, ‘OK, let’s go to dinner.’ After the dinner, he proposed. He really loved me. He was perfect. He was a good husband, and he was a great lover. It was an excellent marriage.”

Why did they split?

If that's the case, why the split? If you ask Morgan, you'll get a strange answer that sounds more like a line from a movie than anything else: “You wouldn’t believe the story. There were some people I shouldn’t have trusted.”

What is John Morgan's side of the story?

The truth is that if Sonja, a known flirt, did cheat and this was the cause for the end of her marriage, it's never been something that's open for public consumption. Neither she nor her ex John ever confirmed the cheating rumors.

Meanwhile, as Morgan flounders in her faux pas, John admitted in 2015 to owing her $3,000,000 — he probably forgot all about it planning his wedding to wife number four in 2010. Just sayin'! 

However, Morgan has more recently admitted that there was "no drama" in the breakup.

In 2019, Morgan told Medley that her husband didn't leave her and that it was actually the other way around.

And in an interview in 2019, Morgan admitted that the breakup actually had no drama and that her and her ex-husband still loved each other. She said, “My breakup is pretty boring. We were in love and then we broke up. There was no drama. We still love each other and it was painful for both of us.”

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