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Meet Lorraine Wallace, Wife Of Fox News Host Chris Wallace

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Who Is Chris Wallace's Wife? Details About Lorraine Wallace

Now that both parties have officially nominated their candidates for president, the time has come to look forward to the three presidential debates. The first debate is scheduled for September 29, 2020 and the moderator will be Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. 

Who is Chris Wallace's wife, Lorraine Wallace?

Wallace comes to the moderator's desk with decades of experience in journalism. He will be able to leave the desk and go home to a fantastic meal prepared by his wife Lorraine Smothers Wallace, who is a bestselling cookbook author. Her first book was inspired by the meals she would prepare for him after a long day of working on his Sunday morning program and the books have been a shared passion for them ever since. 

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What does Lorraine Wallace do for a living?

If the name Lorraine Wallace sounds familiar, it may be because she has written a series of successful books about cooking. The first one was inspired by her husband and is called Mr. Sunday's Soups. The idea behind it is that she started the family tradition of eating homemade soup for lunch on Sundays after Wallace returned from the studio after hosting Fox News Sunday. At the time, they had teenagers living at home and the kids wouldn't get out of bed until right about when their dad was already getting home from work. Having lunch together was how they connected during the busy weekends. It was such a hit with her family that Wallace thought others might like to make a tradition of it as well. Her husband has helped her promote the books over the years. 


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How many kids do Chris Wallace and Lorraine Wallace have?

The Wallaces have been married since 1997 and it's a second marriage for each of them.  Chris Wallace has four children from his first marriage — Peter, Megan, Andrew, and Catherine — all of whom are adults now. Lorraine Wallace has two children, Remick and Sarah Smothers. They don't have any kids together, but Lorraine has referred to their large blended family as a Brady Bunch situation.

Her first husband was in entertainment.

Lorraine Wallace is no stranger to being the wife of a star. Her first husband was Dick Smothers, the famous actor, and comedian. He and his brother Tommy were best known for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Wallace was married to him for over a decade, before getting engaged to Wallace in the same year that she divorced Smothers. There were even rumors that she started seeing the man who would become her second husband before she and Smothers had ended their marriage. 

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She also loves horses.

Wallace hails from Virginia and for many years lived in Middleburg, VA, which is a popular area for horse enthusiasts. In the 1980s,  she was active in show-jumping and won awards on her horse, Strait Man. She eventually left horse country and moved into Washington, DC where her husband works. 

What are Lorraine Wallace's political views?

Chris Wallace stands out as one of the only Democrats working at Fox News. He has said in the past that he registered as a Democrat as a practical matter, since most politics in DC, where he lives, is controlled by that party. He has also made waves for criticizing the Trump White House in ways that most of the on-air talent at Fox News never do. Lorraine Wallace, however, keeps her political affiliations quieter. There's no record of her supporting any candidate or party at all.

Will she write another book?

Wallace's last cookbook, Mr. and Mrs. Sunday's Suppers came out in 2015 and she hasn't released any new books since then. There is no word whether she intends to put together another cookbook any time in the future. 

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