Married At First Sight: Who Is Brett's New Girlfriend, Jackie St. Croix?

Brett's looking not-so-married at first sight these days...

Married At First Sight: Who Is Brett's New Girlfriend, Jackie St. Croix? Lifetime / YouTube

Gather ‘round the table and bring your favorite mugs, folks, because the Married at First Sight tea is piping hot and ready to be spilled. Season 11 villain Brett Lindsey has rubbed fans the wrong way since, well, the first episode of the reality show showed him hitting on other women at the group’s bachelor party before he even married his wife, Olivia. And while fans have long predicted that the newlyweds won’t stay together on Decision Day, it looks like their premonitions have come to fruition, as Brett Lindsey reportedly already has a new girlfriend.


Married At First Sight: Who is Brett’s new girlfriend, Jackie St. Croix?

From the looks of it, Brett is reportedly dating Jackie St. Croix, who is a doctor of veterinary medicine. She attended school at Louisiana State University and was a part of the graduating class of 2020. 



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In a heartfelt Instagram post detailing her time at LSU, she wrote, “The past 4 years have sure been a whirlwind, but the LSU SVM Class of 2020 is nothing if not resilient. Particularly these three brilliant women/doctors.”

Who is  Jackie St. Croix?

She’s a cancer survivor. In the same Instagram post, she revealed that she’s been in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma for three years. 

“Oh, and somewhere in the middle I was diagnosed with, treated for, and overcame a battle with cancer (3 years remission this week),” she wrote. “I am proud of myself, even more proud of us, and if you want to call me a badass, I will shamelessly accept. So in the words of Elle Woods, WE DID IT!!!!”

What are Jackie St. Croix’s hobbies?

One scroll through her Instagram feed will show you that Jackie loves spending time with her friends on and by the water, and loves to travel. And of course, she absolutely loves animals — which should be a given, considering she’s now a veterinarian! 


How did Brett meet his new girlfriend?

While it’s unclear how the pair met, they seem to be pretty comfortable with one another already — and each other’s friends. In an August 11 Instagram post that Brett’s tagged in, Jackie and Brett are pictured cuddling up together on a boat in one picture with a group of their friends, and in another pic, the pair are snuggling up and looking VERY couple-y. Scroll through the Instagram post below to see the pics of Brett and Jackie. 



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Of course, Brett’s MAFS wife Olivia is nowhere in sight, and Brett even left a comment of a grinning smiley face emoji on the collage of photos, to which Jackie replied, “EeRrrmMaGgERRrddd!! Did Brett from @mafslifetime just comment on my post!!?!?! I’m HONORED.”

Further fueling the relationship flames, Brett liked the last two photos on Jackie’s Instagram account, and the pair both follow one another. It also seems like Brett recently followed Jackie based on his activity on her social media page, and her activity on his. 

Jackie commented on Brett’s second-most recent Instagram post as well — a shirtless pic of him, at that. “So pensive,” she wrote. 



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Are Brett and Olivia from Married At First Sight still together?

Here’s where it gets a little fishy. While it’s been reported that Brett has already moved on from his marriage to Olivia, he’s posting to his Instagram account like he and Olivia are still a couple. On Sept. 10, Brett posted a collage of Olivia’s cats, captioning the photos, “The step-kitties.” 


Another interesting thing to point out is that Brett's wife, Olivia, doesn't appear anywhere on his Instagram account. In fact, he's not even following her, but she's following him. 


And while we won’t know for sure if Brett and Olivia call it quits on Decision Day until that episode airs, all the evidence is pointing straight to a big ol’ divorce. Womp womp. 

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesdays. 

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