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'Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City': Meet Lisa Barlow's Husband, John Barlow

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'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City': Who Is Lisa Barlow's Husband, John Barlow?

If you're starting to wonder what you'll do when the weather gets colder and you can't safely socialize outdoors due to COVID-19 restrictions, worry no more. Bravo has your back with a new Real Housewives franchise. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is set to drop on November 11 and the whole cast looks like reality TV gold.

While this new series won't be a reboot of the polygamy drama Big Love or even Sister Wives, it will shine a light on what it's like to be rich and powerful in the conservative community of Salt Lake City. We'll also get to see what it's like for people who buck the system in the Mormon stronghold. For example, Lisa and John Barlow, who both are both active in the teetotaling Church of Latter-Day Saints, sell tequila. 

Who is Lisa Barlow's husband, John Barlow? 

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Lisa and John Barlow started as friends.

In a sweet Instagram post marking their 15th wedding anniversary two years ago, Lisa remembered that in the early days of their relationship, they were friends who hung out all the time.  "Remember when you used to come to my office to take me to lunch at least 3x a week and we were just amazing friends and you never came to my house unless you were bringing my fav treats?" she wrote. "Then one day you asked me to go to the movies with you and when we got out of your car, you held my hand. I’m glad you’ve never stopped." We would love to know details, like what movie John took her to see, but hopefully, more will be shared about their dating days on the show.


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Who is John Barlow?

John Barlow didn't grow up in Utah, though he was a Mormon from birth. He was born in California but his family moved around when he was growing up, landing in Texas and Florida. He finally headed to Utah as a college student where he attended Brigham Young University.

How did Lisa and John Barlow meet?

Lisa, whose family converted to Mormonism from Judaism, also went to Brigham Young for the first part of her college career but she transferred to the State University of New York at Albany to complete her studies. They didn't run into each other in college though. It took a family and church connection to bring them together. Lisa's sister was serving in the same Mormon mission as John and introduced them.

Mormons generally do a mission when they are about 19 years old. It's an 18-24 month period where they are trained to preach their gospel to other people in the hopes of converting them to their beliefs. They do intensive training or the work, including learning foreign languages if they are going to be posted abroad. 


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The Barlow family in 2019.

What does John Barlow do?

John Barlow is a business owner and entrepreneur but he doesn't reveal much about his ventures. His LinkedIn profile mentioned companies called Big Ventures and LJB Investments but he doesn't talk about what they are and internet searches don't turn up any real information about them. He also owns Jack Henry Spirits, which seems like it must be related to the couple's tequila brand, VIDA, which they started in 2003.

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Why don't Mormons drink alcohol?

The choice to start a tequila brand is an offbeat one for a couple that is active in the Church of Latter-Day Saints. As a general rule, drinking is discouraged by the church. Lisa has said that she doesn't see a disconnect, however, and her husband must agree since they're partners on the project. 

John Barlow may have deep Mormon roots.

People who know the history of the Mormon Church might recognize the name Barlow. Israel Barlow was one of the early founders of the new religion and he was close to the first Prophet Joseph Smith. After Smith's death. Barlow was one of the pioneers to headed to Utah and founded Salt Lake City. He was also an early adopter of plural marriage (a practice the mainstream LDS Church has since abandoned) and had four wives and 21 children. It is estimated that he has over 10,000 descendants today. It would be quite a coincidence if John Barlow didn't have ties to this early Church leader.

Who are Lisa and John Barlow's kids?

One of the brands that Lisa Barlow promotes on her social media is Fresh Wolf, a line of grooming products for men. The two Barlow sons, Jack and Henry, are the models for a lot of the photos about the brand and Lisa says they were inspired to start it by their love for their dad. But it isn't just another business for them; for every item purchased, the brand gives a bottle of their shampoo to a child in foster care.

Audiences will get to learn all about this entrepreneurial family when the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiers in November. 

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