Million Dollar Beach House: 7 Fun Facts About Broker Peggy Zabakolas

She was on 'Million Dollar Listing: New York' as well.

Who is Peggy Zabakolas? 7 Fun Facts About Million Dollar Beach House Broker Youtube

If you're already dreaming of next summer and thinking about buying a top-flight house in the Hamptons (or even if you're not), Netflix has a great new real estate show for you. Million Dollar Beach House dropped this week with plenty of binge-worthy views of the beach and drama among the brokers one the show. 

Long-time real estate pro Peggy Zabakalos stands out as the only woman in the cast, which is made up of staff from the firm Nest Seekers.  She has decades of experience working in New York City but only moved part of her practice to the Hamptons in the last couple of years. However, she is a force of real estate and can definitely get the properties listed and sold, even if it stirs up drama between her and her colleagues. 


Million Dollar Beach House: Who is Peggy Zabakolas?

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Peggy Zabakolas is really educated.

Zabakolas looks flawless and her accent is pure Long Island but don't let any of that fool you into thinking she's a lightweight. She is a seriously studied professional. She got her undergraduate degree in business from Hofstra University. After school, she started her real estate career before taking a break to get a law degree and pass the New York State bar exam. She can not only sell you a house, but she can also explain the contracts and the zoning rules around the building. She's even worked in international markets while spending a summer abroad in London and Paris and she's fluent in Greek. 


Peggy Zabakolas's nickname is "Deals In Heels."

Zabakolas has been working in real estate for years in New York City, where presentation counts for properties and professionals alike. Zabakolsa made her style mark by wearing great shoes no matter what — and her friends started calling her Deals In Heels, which she has adopted as her hashtag on social media. The footwear works well in the city, where everything is paved, but in the Hamptons, she's had to adapt her shoes to the terrain. She didn't lose the heel height, however. She just found a way to make it work. She told reporters that she found special heel protectors so her stilettos wouldn't slide into the sand or between the boards of decks on the beach houses she shows. 

Who is Peggy Zabakolas's boyfriend?

If you snoop around Zabakolas's Instagram page you'll spy a handsome gent with her. He's named Russell and they appear to have a good thing going. They've been Instagram official since this time last year. However, he keeps his social media private so we don't know anything about his except that he looks good in a suit



A post shared by Peggy Z (@peggy__z) on Dec 9, 2019 at 7:10am PST

Zabakolas and her boyfriend. 


This isn't Peggy Zabakolas's first reality show.

If you think you recognize Zabakolas, you may be right. She worked with Ryan Serhant on Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo. She was never a featured broker on that show but she had a few cameo appearances and that's where she got her start as the kind of agent who sells property in front of the cameras. 

She also is the kind of reality character who feeds the audience demand for drama. She and another agent named Noel Roberts spend the season butting heads. No spoilers but the pair never really do figure one another out and it provides plenty of good on-screen tension for people who aren't just in it for the peek inside beautiful houses. 

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The follows her first summer working in the Hamptons.

Most of Zabakolas's career has been built in Manhattan and on the show, she talks about having a contact list full of financiers and other New York high-rollers. She had been running her own real estate team in the city and was just starting to expand out to the Hamptons when Nest Seekers offered her the chance to team up with them. The two markets are really different. The Hamptons is almost entirely properties that people have as second homes and brokers need to aggressively pursue listings. The kinds of houses featured on the show are the top of the line for the area, priced at millions of dollars and featuring every luxury detail you can imagine from heated floors to private beaches and docks that accommodate yachts. 


You can totally buy a house from Peggy Zabakolas today if you want.

Zabkolas has an active portfolio of listing on the Hamptons right now if you're in the market and have the money. One property boasts an 8-bedroom house on 1.6 acres with a private beach. The asking price is $22 million. Closing that deal would let her buy all the heels she wants. 



A post shared by NEST SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL (@nestseekers) on Aug 22, 2020 at 5:17am PDT

One of the properties Zabakolas would sell you, if you can afford it. 

Will there be a second season of Million Dollar Beach House?

The first season filmed during the summer of 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic. There's no word yet on whether Netflix will pick it up for a second season but Zabakolas says she would be happy to start filming again if the opportunity arises. 

Million Dollar Beach House is currently streaming on Netflix. 


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