10 Strange Details About Ryan Serhant And Emilia Bechrakis' Relationship, Including The Gay Rumors

Meet the Million Dollar Couple.

Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis instagram 

Bravo is a gem of a channel that offers so many entertaining shows — Million Dollar Listing being one of them. If you have seen any of the episodes or are an avid watcher, you definitely know Ryan Serhant for his fiery personality. He even has his own spinoff show, Sell it Like Serhant.

The Real Estate mogul has been sought after by many celebrities and wealthy when looking to buy extraordinary homes, and he has even been featured on television as a real estate expert. He seems to be unstoppable, but there was one woman who succeeded in stealing his heart.


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Emilia Bechrakis is the lucky gal who caught the mogul in her love and the two have been featured on Million Dollar Listing for the past few seasons. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, though. 

Ryan struggled with balancing his demanding career and his relationship with Emilia, while she had a tough decision to make between her dream job and the love of her life. She has stated that she has absolutely no regrets choosing love over work.  

The couple seemed to be in the middle of a fairytale with an unforgettable Time Square proposal. They tied the knot in Corfu, Greece and it looked so beautiful, it's really tough not to be envious. They have been married for about a year and seem to be living their best lives.


Ryan talks about how the transition from being engaged and then getting married has gone, especially with moving in together: "Everything is us. We are a unit. She doesn't have any things. We never had that whole 'let's move in together' [talk] like 'I'll take my couch, you take your chair.'" 

Here's what we know about these newlyweds and their relationship. 

1. Emilia thought Ryan was gay the first time they met.

When Ryan walked into a Greek Jewish Charity event and first met Emilia, she was sure that he was either gay or married. She thought there was no way a guy this good-looking would be single.


When she found out differently, the dynamic seemed to change and the pair became closer. Emilia says that she was initially impressed with his confidence, charm, and wit. His arrogance apparently made him even sexier as she says he was one of the most striking men she has ever seen.  

2. They bond over fitness. 


A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) on Feb 14, 2018 at 3:39pm PST

As if they weren't cute enough, they work out together too?! Emilia is an avid "gym rat" and Ryan seems to be as well. The pair can be seen sweating it up at the gym together when their schedules allow them to. 

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3. Emilia now works in real estate, too.

Emilia was a working lawyer for many years. She now works in Land Title Insurance.

"About six months ago I stopped practicing law in order to get into real estate and I decided to get into Land Title Insurance... Ryan works all the time and this is the one way I could think of us connecting in business," Emilia said.

4. Ryan includes Emilia in all of his work emails. 


A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) on Apr 13, 2018 at 12:20pm PDT

Since their schedules are so chaotic, Ryan likes to BCC Emilia on his emails so she knows whats going on in his life.


Ryan stated, “It's actually pretty common sense when you think about it. I’ll BCC [my wife] on emails so that she’ll know what I went through during the day... That synergy in a relationship, I think, goes a really, really long way.” 

5. They both love to travel.


A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) on Apr 4, 2018 at 8:26am PDT

The couple can be seen adventuring around the world when they do capture those precious moments off together. You can see from Ryan's Instagram that their latest amazing vacay was to South Africa. The pair is very active with their travels on their Instagram as well.

According to Ryan, "She's a big traveler, growing up in Greece and going to school in London. I never was. And so, yeah, it's something we could do together. What I love is my job is inclusive of her life totally. It's not like I work at a bank and then I come home. Like, she's a part of my life all the time." 


6. Fans once called Emilia a Bridezilla. 

In the first episode of their wedding special back in 2016, the couple had their first fight on camera and Ryan claimed later on that it was the worst one they have ever had. He later took to social media to say thank you to fans for watching and to assure that all was still well with the pair.

"THANK YOU to everyone who watched last night! And if you didn’t watch it, I hope you DVR’d it and can watch it this weekend! It was a VERY personal episode, but we love all of the feedback we’ve been getting and we feel like you’re all there with us.” 

Some fans responded nicely but some did not seem to be in favor of Emilia after the fight. “I don’t know, I am super fan of them both and respect them deeply but I hope that all this ‘bridezilla’ drama was for the show... sometimes I feel like watching the Kardashians and start to feel sorry for Ryan," one fan said.

7. Ryan was intimidated by Emilia's father. 

Ryan is not Greek and that was a talking point between himself and his wife-to-be's father. Shortly before the wedding, Mr. Bechrakis tried to convince the pair to move to her native land Greece and called their New York apartment "too modern." 


"I think my father's still digesting the fact that Ryan's not Greek, that he's very American," Emilia said. "My father is very protective of me, he always has been."

8. Ryan once broke down before the wedding over price tags. 

Celebrity wedding planner Kevin Lee is known to produce the most amazing events for his clients. But his methods and services are nowhere near cheap. When the couple met with Kevin, he estimated the marriage would cost around $1 million. Ryan was not having it.


"No way, we're not feeding these people diamonds," Ryan exclaimed. Kevin would not budge and when Ryan finally agreed, he downed his drink right before doing so. "Great, now I have to make a million extra dollars," he stressed. 

9. Ryan claims their wedding was stressful. 

“We got married on Thursday, and then we just stayed there for that next week to decompress. The wedding was insanely stressful,” Serhant claimed. “There were a few years lost on my life for sure. Even down to which way people should walk when they get off the bus at the reception, it was tears and drama. Everyone ended up in the pool. Dude, it was so hot.” 

10. The couple shared racy Snapchats from their honeymoon. 


A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) on Jul 7, 2017 at 10:35am PDT

While in Bora Bora at a resort, Emilia and Ryan were skinnydipping when Ryan decided to share a nude photo with just an emoji to cover up his new wife. It was deleted soon after but not before everyone was able to sneak a peek


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