Who Is QAnon Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene's Husband, Perry Greene?

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Who Is QAnon Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene's Husband, Perry Greene?
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Who is Marjorie Taylor Green's husband Perry Greene?

The fall of an election year can be a silly season for politics, with candidates spouting any sort of nonsense they can think of to get elected. Perry Greene, husband of far-right congressional Candidate and QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene is caught up in that maelstrom these days and his Twitter account is proof of that.

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Greene is the CEO of a construction company in Georgia and the father of three kids. He and his wife recently moved to go live in a neighboring Congressional district so that she could run for a vacant seat in the House of Representatives and her husband is her biggest supporter. The couple has gotten a lot of attention from the national press, in part because of her unlikely primary win and in part because she is a far-right conservative who follows the baseless conspiracy theories posed by QAnon supporters. Even mainstream Republicans aren't embracing the Trump-loving couple's quest for the Capitol due to her history of racist and anti-semitic statements. But Perry Greene has never wavered in support of his wife. 

Who is Perry Greene? 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Greene graduated from University of Georgia in 1996 with an accounting degree. College isn't just where he got his education, it's also apparently where he met his wife.

Greene married Marjorie Taylor in 1995. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene was also studying business at the University of Georgia when she and Greene met. They got married in 1995, before they had even graduated. The couple actually celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on the same night that Marjorie Taylor Greene won her run-off to secure her candidacy for Congress. 

Perry Greene and his wife on their anniversary.

What does Perry Greene do for a living?

In profiles of the candidate, the Greenes like to brag that they are business owners who know what it's like to start from the ground up. It's true that Greene is the owner and CEO of a business but he didn't start it: his father-in-law did. Greene has been working for Taylor Commerical, a commercial construction company since 1997, first as a general manager and now as the CEO. He and his wife say that they purchased the company in 2002 and that it has handled over a quarter of a billion dollars in business since then. What they don't highlight is that is was Robert Taylor, Marjorie Greene's father in law who started and grew the company for its first 30 years.

Perry Greene spent a year after college working as an accountant at Ernst and Young before getting hired on by his father-in-law in 1997. He has been running the family business ever since. 

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Greene likes to work out.

Green and his wife have posed for photos at the gym together. Their shared interest in fitness isn't strictly recreational. For a time, they owned a CrossFit franchise. They claim it was incredibly successful before they eventually sold it. 


The Greenes at the gym.

Is Perry Greene a QAnon supporter, too?

Greene's wife has been getting a lot of attention for her support of the improbable conspiracies embraced by QAnon, a loose collection of people who believe that an anonymous person going by the pseudonym Q is predicting the future in Reddit forums. The QAnon theories center around the idea that there is a nefarious cartel of pedophiles controlling world events and that Donald Trump is part of a resistance to that movement. 

Greene hasn't posted anything overtly pro-QAnon to his Twitter account but he has retweeted right-wing provocateur Jack Posobiec when he referenced Trump, QAnon, and his wife Marjorie Taylor Greene in a tweet. "Reporter just asked Trump about QAnon but he did not respond directly if he supports it, he did reiterate his support for @mtgreenee," Pososbiec wrote, subtly implying that Trump not denouncing QAnon is tacit support for the conspiracies. The retweet might not mean Greene himself agrees with the QAnon. It might just be another in a long string of retweets of any post in support of his wife. He has shared lots of tweets about her from high-profile conservative figures including Representative Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump himself

QAnon isn't the only fringe set of beliefs Greene and his wife both seem to hold. He has never denounced her statements where she says that there is an “Islamic invasion” into the U.S. government and repeats a groundless anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish, was a Nazi collaborator. She has also made remarks saying Black and Hispanic men are held back by “gangs and dealing drugs.” 

Before Perry Greene was a booster for his wife he was a booster for his daughter. 

The Greenes have three kids, Lauren, Taylor, and Derek. Taylor Greene is an accomplished softball player who plays for the Arkansas Razorbacks these days. Before Greene started using his Twitter account to rally support for his wife's run for Congress, he was the kind of dad who shared a bunch of highlights of his daughter's sports accomplishments. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene is expected to win her election in November, meaning the couple will probably be bringing their brand of politics to Washington. 

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