What Is A Spoiler Campaign? New Details About Kanye’s Bid For President & Why Fans Are Boycotting The Kardashians

Would you expect anything less in 2020?

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Kanye announced his surprise bid for president on July 4, 2020, and now, there’s mounting evidence that Kanye’s run is nothing but a spoiler campaign.

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What is a spoiler campaign?

Simply put, a spoiler campaign is when a candidate is “running” for president to take away votes from another major candidate. In an exclusive text interview with Forbes Chief Content Officer Randall Lane, when asked point blankly if he was serious about running for president, Kanye replied he was “walking” for president — “walking…to win.”


Let’s face it: there’s no way Kayne is going to win the presidential election in 2020. In Lane’s interview, he pointed out that it’s literally impossible for Kanye to be elected, as his name won’t be on enough ballots to garner 270 electoral votes, thus indicating that his entire campaign is literally a spoiler. Kanye then replied, “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.” 


Kanye has been an avid, outspoken Trump supporter for years. Why would Kanye run against someone he idolizes — and more importantly, knows he can’t win against — unless it’s to take away votes from Joe Biden? 

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Is Trump helping Kanye run for president?

While it’s unclear if Trump is involved in Kanye’s presidential bid in any way, he did comment on the rapper’s presidential walk/run during an interview. When asked if he was “aware of” or has “encouraged anyone in the party to help him get on the ballot, including in swing states?” Trump gave the most Trump-esque answer possible — one of denial — which really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.


“I like Kanye very much,” he said. “No, I have nothing to do with him getting on the ballot. We'll have to see what happens. We'll see if he gets on the ballot. But I'm not involved.”

Why are fans boycotting Kardashian products?

Fans are boycotting Kardashian products because of Kanye’s 2020 presidential bid and the fact that the entire Kardsahian-Jenner family — who is one of the most influential families in America —  is doing nothing to stop him. 

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart made a valid argument about boycotting the famous family, arguing that their business model is based on staying relevant and staying in the public eye — and Kanye is a huge part of that. If people stop buying their products, watching their show, consuming their content, etc., their brand will crumble.


Furthermore, what is Kanye and/or the Kardashian-Jenner family gaining from his presidential run? Relevancy, that's what.

More importantly, fans are angry about the Kardashian-Jenners’ refusal to step in and get Kanye the help he needs, and pointed out that Trump and the rest of the GOP are using Kanye for personal gain while he’s in the middle of a mental health crisis.


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