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Who Is Sally Yates's Husband? Everything To Know About Comer Yates

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Who Is Sally Yates's Husband? Everything To Know About Comer Yates

Night two of the Democratic National Convention continues tonight, and lawyer Sally Yates — who was fired by Donald Trump in 2017 just ten days after being appointed acting United States Attorney General for opposing his executive immigration order — is set to speak at the virtual event. 

Sally Yates has quite an impressive list of accomplishments under her belt, and so does her husband, Comer Yates.

Who is Sally Yates’s husband, Comer Yates?

Comer Yates is a former lawyer and teacher who graduated from Emory University in 1974. After graduating, Yates went on to become a high school teacher at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School in Atlanta for nearly two decades, and earned his law degree while teaching. 

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How did Sally and Comer Yates meet?

Comer Yates met Sally Yates over three decades ago while the pair were both lawyers at King & Spalding, a top law firm in the Atlanta area that also has offices in Washington. 

What does Comer Yates do for a living? 

Comer Yates has a passion for teaching and all things education, and has been the executive director of the Atlanta Speech School for twenty-three years. The Atlanta Speech School was “established in 1938 as a free clinic for children who were deaf or hard of hearing” and  “is the nation’s most comprehensive center for language and literacy.” 

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Comer Yates has an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.

Comer Yates addressed the 2017 graduating class of Oglethorpe University, and the university’s president Lawrence M. Shall had nothing but high remarks for the former teacher.

“Comer Yates is a true champion of education and literacy, leading efforts to positively impact the lives and well-being of children in Georgia and beyond,” President Shall said. “We share a commitment to ensuring that our younger generations and future leaders have the tools to allow them to succeed and thrive, in turn strengthening our entire community.”

Sally and Comer Yates have two children.

Sally and Comer Yates have two children, Kelley and Quill. Kelley Yates, who is following her father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in education, got married in 2015 to Zach Rumble. Her younger brother, Quill, played rugby in college and currently lives in Waterville, Maine.

Both Sally and Comer are incredibly proud of their children, as Sally stated in a press release in 2015 after she was appointed as acting deputy attorney.

“It is particularly meaningful for me to appear before you today surrounded by my family — my husband Comer, my daughter Kelley and my son Quill,” she said of her family. “I am not only grateful to all of them for their love and support, but I am also incredibly proud of each of them.’

Comer Yates is a Leo.

Comer Yates recently celebrated his birthday on August 8, which means he’s a Leo. 

“Thank you to everyone for your very kind birthday wishes,” he wrote in a Facebook post a few days after his big day. “I am very fortunate to have such thoughtful friends.”

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