Who Is William Barr's Wife? New Details On Christine Barr

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who is William Barr's wife

They have three daughters.

After the resignation of Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions back in November, Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker as the acting AG until he found a replacement. Earlier this month, the president announced he would nominate William Barr to the position, though a vote has not yet occurred. Before being nominated, Barr was previously the U.S. Attorney General during the first Bush presidency, and was also a corporate executive following his exit from the position.

According to sources, the president wanted Barr to be his chief defense lawyer in regards to the Russia investigation, after Barr was in favor of Trump firing James Comey and further questioned Robert Mueller’s prosecutors. But like many of the president’s picks for various positions, his announcement has been met with criticism and backlash.

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In a memorandum from June, Barr said Mueller shouldn’t be allowed to ask the president questions about the alleged obstruction of justice and, according to some, “seriously damages his credibility and raises questions about his fitness for the Justice Department’s top position.” Barr also argued that the president can only obstruct justice by “evidence impairment,” meaning threatening witnesses or shredding documents.

He also argued Trump couldn’t be criminally liable because “statutes that do not expressly apply to the President must be construed as not applying to the President if such application would involve a possible conflict with the President’s constitutional prerogatives.” In legal terms, he believes the president could be shielded from any wrongdoing. And in a position where the AG is supposed to be unbiased, it raises serious questions about where his priorities lie.

But aside from his time in the spotlight and his obviously questionable opinions, what do we know about his personal life? Specifically, just who is William Barr’s wife? Here are five things to know about Christine Barr and their relationship.

1. She holds a college degree.

Christine obtained her bachelor’s in English from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, which she received the same year she married. She received her Master’s in library science from Catholic University in 1975.

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2. She’s a notable alumni.

She still gives her time and energy “to enhance the College’s mission and programs.” And she and her husband gave $5,000 in 2018, but donate every year.

3. They’ve been married 45 years.

The two wed in 1973.

4. They have three kids.

They have three daughters: Meg, Mary, and Patricia. One of their daughters, Mary Daly, works for the Department of Justice. She’s a former federal prosecutor who prosecuted gang members and drug traffickers, but is now the Director of Opioid Enforcement and Prevention Efforts in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, appointed by Jeff Sessions in February 2018.

She told CBS, “We need to use tough prosecutions if we are going to get our way out of this epidemic. We don’t ignore the need for prevention and treatment efforts, but the notion that tough enforcement is the wrong approach is wrong.”

5. She was a librarian.

She worked as a librarian at Stone Ridge School in Bethesda, Maryland. And before this, she was a reference librarian at the IMF and Georgetown University.

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