Who Is Susan Rice's Husband? Everything To Know About Ian O. Cameron

He's a Canadian producer.

Who Is Susan Rice's Husband? Everything To Know About Ian O. Cameron Youtube

As Joe Biden narrows down his choices for his vice presidential candidate, Susan Rice's name consistently comes up. Though she was best known for her work with President Barack Obama, when she served as his national security adviser, she has a long and storied career in politics that goes all the way back to the Michael Dukakis campaign. Rice is a woman who knows her business. 

But her husband, who is a producer for ABC, is just as accomplished in his career as she is in hers. So, as we sit here and wonder who, exactly, Biden will pick as his VP candidate, we decided to take a closer look at Rice's partner in life. 


Who is Susan Rice's husband, Ian O. Cameron?

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He's a Canadian native. 

Ian Officer Cameron was born in Canada, and came to the United States when he was a student at Stanford University. There he met Susan Rice, whom he subsequently married. The couple has two adult children. 


Susan Rice credits him with being supportive in her career. 

When Rice first got the job as a national security adviser for President Barack Obama, she credited the support she received from Cameron as instrumental to her getting the role. "I couldn't do this job if I didn't have a wonderful husband," she said. 

For his part, too, Cameron said he was attracted to her confidence. "She struck me right away as someone unique. She was more aware and very confident," he said.

He comes from a very interesting background. 

According to the couple's wedding announcement, Cameron received a Bachelor's degree from Stanford before going on to the London School of Economics, where he received his Master's degree. Additionally, his father was the owner of the Victoria Plywood Company, which is based in British Columbia, Canada. 


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He has a lot of television credits. 

According to Cameron's IMDB page, he has worked on several television shows for ABC, including World News Tonight with David Muir and This Week. He also appeared in a 60 Minutes episode with his wife, Susan Rice. 

Their son is the president of the Stanford College Republicans.

In a surprising twist, John David Rice-Cameron bills himself as a "combative conservative," makes clear he's a fan of Rush Limbaugh and was the president of the Stanford College Republicans. "It’s combative conservatism. You don’t provoke for the sake of provoking because that is not principled. But you don’t let the fact that someone might get triggered prevent you from saying or doing something important. We must break this leftist monopoly,” he said.


He was blamed for "downplaying" Rice's criticism of Donald Trump.

Susan Rice has been openly critical of Donald Trump in the past and according to conservative commentators, Rice's role in Trump's impeachment was downplayed in the media because of Cameron's affiliation with ABC News. However, there's no evidence that proves this to be the case. 

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