Horoscope Compatibility For Marriage, By Mars & Venus Zodiac Signs

Bring out the boxing gloves and the bouquet of flowers.

Horoscope Compatibility For Marriage, By Mars & Venus Zodiac Signs via @pexels

When you look at the Mars and Venus of certain zodiac signs couples, you can tell why they got married — their horoscopes make them compatible from the start.

Why are certain horoscopes compatible for marriage?

The Mars and Venus synastry chart of a couple reveals how each zodiac sign will complement the other when married.

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The astrology house and planet placement for each individual's Mars and Venus also determines what type of love match they'll make.

The horoscope compatibility of a synastry chart reveals several things about the individual and then how each acts as a couple.

For example, if you have a person with Mars in Aries paired with an individual whose Venus is in Leo, power struggles can ensue.

These zodiac signs are ready to take it to the boxing ring — whenever they get the opportunity.

Other horoscope signs are curiously standing on the outside of the venue waiting for their Broadway show about love to start, and they may never get married.


A few forever single zodiac signs may find their perfect love match but not want to give up their freedom, and then they end up settling down with someone else and everyone wonders what changed.

The person reading this (yes, I'm talking about you four-eyes) might be in the dating scene or already married. You might even be single and NOT looking.

Have you ever determined how your relationship works based on your synastry chart?

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It seems kind of silly to a lot of people to base their interests by the date and time of someone's birth.

There are thousands, if not millions of people who probably think horoscopes and zodiac information is a bunch of bolognas.


But this article isn't for those airheads, is it? No! This is for my avid zodiac lovers and thrillseekers who wish to know how their Mars or Venus correlates to their partner's, and how this predicts marriage or love.

Let's take a step into the lives of those who are in a relationship. Do you think your partner's sign has something to do with why the will or won't marry you? How about the way they love you?

The question is raised when we think if someone's zodiac sign has anything to do with their ways of domestication.

Here's a rundown of horoscope compatibility for marriage based on Venus and Mars, per astrology:

Mars in Aries and Venus in Libra horoscope compatibility for marriage

Aries zodiac signs are Cardinal. Mars is the planet of war, and its element is fire, so these individuals don't mind a good argument every once in a while.


Libra is also Cardinal, and Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus rules love and beauty. Libra's element is air.

Being an Aries means you will not step down from a challenge; you are not afraid to cross someone's line and let them know they're wrong.

Libra's tend to stray away from confrontation and do not like starting or being involved with drama.

Both of you will have trouble learning to manage each other's likes and dislikes, so it is important to reach a level of balance in this relationship.

If not, the Aries will take the lead and the Libra will not know how to speak up and say, "No," which makes this compatibility tough for marriage.

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Mars in Leo and Venus in Taurus horoscope compatibility for marriage

The battle of the bull and the lion. Who will defeat the other in this matchup?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they must have an opportunity to shine. Mars in Leo amplifies their desire to fight for their right of leadership.

Venus in Taurus is a happy placement because Venus rules Taurus, so it's the purest expression of this lovely light.

A Taurus will cease to give their opponent what they want during a fight, which can create some serious tension with a Leo.

Leo's are known to be drama queens and will not stop at any cost.

These two will surely need to work on their approach when dealing with the other.


Taurus, try not to put up a wall of defense. Leo, try not to break the wall down with force.

Their touch and go interaction makes their compatibility for marriage, by horoscope complicated, at best.

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Mars in Gemini and Venus in Pisces horoscope compatibility for marriage

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so when Mars enters Gemini, put this energy into overdrive.

You have a highly ambitious person who has a fierce personality, but they may get bored easily.

Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, and this zodiac sign's nature is to run when times are overly stressful.

These twins are sure to get the tears flowing from their sensitive partner.


A Gemini can be a trickster and never reveal a true side until they feel like the time is right.

This can lead a Pisces to feel like they need to hide and cry in a corner somewhere.

When a Gemini learns to be more sensitive to Pisces' feelings, this match can and will work.

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Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer horoscope compatibility for marriage

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so this gives a natural edginess to the scorpion of astrology.

Venus in Cancer is drawn to make a home, comfortable for all. Cancer is a Cardinal zodiac sign, and even though Scorpio is fixed their intensity makes them an excellent marriage partner for Cancer.


These two are woven together perfectly. These two are highly emotional.

Although a Cancer can be on the more jealous side, a Scorpio knows exactly how to defuse the situation and assure their partner there is nothing to worry about.

Cancers desire someone to secure and protect them, while Scorpios aim for power.

This match makes a dynamic duo and will be sure to entice the other at any moment.

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Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo horoscope compatibility for marriage

These two Earth signs are created for each other!


Mars in Capricorn is exalted and so this horoscope is driven to succeed in everything, including marriage.

Venus in Virgo is the ultimate helpmate, so when this Mars in Capricorn zodiac sign becomes tired, Venus in Virgo can provide comfort and care.

Both Virgo and Capricorn strive for the simple things in life and see the beauty in all living things.

While a Virgo has a highly sensitive intuition, a Capricorn has a heart full of dedication and an eye for detail.

These two have a strong foundation full of security, which makes this horoscope compatibility perfect for marriage.

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Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Sagittarius horoscope compatibility for marriage

This is a unique couple. While an Aquarius has its own sense of individuality, a Sagittarius will follow along with its firm initiative.

Mars in Aquarius is restless and driven, but they also love to be free.

Venus in Sagittarius has a love of freedom too, but they are open to exploring with others, as long as it's interesting.

Because this is an air and fire match, it is perfect for marriage. They keep each other inspired and help take the bigger leaps in life.

You are both great communicators and will never experience a dull moment as your foundation is friendship above all.


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