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Who Is Maya Vander's Husband? Why The 'Selling Sunset' Star Keeps His Identity Private

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Who Is Maya Vander's Husband? Why The 'Selling Sunset' Star Keeps His Identity Private

Another season of Selling Sunset has finally arrived on Netflix, and along with it is the show's ongoing mystery:

Who is Maya Vander's husband?

After all, the show isn't just about the real estate agents featured, it's also about their personal lives, and though we do follow along with Vander, we don't get to see her husband or her children on the show. In fact, her husband's identity has been completely concealed — not just on Selling Sunset, but on the internet in general. 

Though she's definitely mentioned him (both on Selling Sunset and on social media), Vander's husband has never appeared on the show, and fans definitely have a lot of questions about who he might be. Who is Vander's husband, anyway? She does a very good job about keeping her personal life private, but here's what we do know about the man she spends her time with when she's not working or filming the show.

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Maya Vander's husband avoids the cameras because of his job.

Why don't we see Vander on the show? As she explained in a recent interview, it's because he works in finance and being part of a reality show could be damaging to his career.

“I really wanted [my husband] to be in the show, but he’s in finance and his job is very respectable and he has a very good career for him,” Vander said. ”So for him to be on the show, unfortunately, it can actually maybe destroy his career. So I rather him not to get involved. I tried to show him a little bit on social media just so people know that I do have a husband and he’s a nice guy. He’s a great guy.”

Maya Vander's husband's first name might be Dave.

Some fans have taken notice that friends of Vander have referred to her husband as "Dave" in Instagram comments, but it's hard to say if that's really his name or a code name that they use — after all, if Vander goes to such lengths to keep his identity under wraps, it would make sense if those they are close to would be doing the same, too. When Vander posts about him on social media, she calls him "my husband," without ever addressing him by name or giving away any details about who he is that could help people track him down.

Maya Vander's husband does appear on Instagram, though.


A post shared by Maya Vander (SELLING SUNSET) (@themayavander) on Jun 16, 2020 at 7:14pm PDT

Vander does post photos of her husband on Instagram, including this post that celebrated their three year wedding anniversary in June. Whatever their arrangement is to conceal his identity, it doesn't apply to photos, but unless someone has met him in person, it would be pretty hard for fans of the show to track him down with only a photo. 

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Maya Vander has two children with her husband.


A post shared by Maya Vander (SELLING SUNSET) (@themayavander) on Jul 19, 2020 at 2:27pm PDT

Though Vander's children also don't appear on Selling Sunset, she and her mystery husband have two — a son, Aiden, who is 1, and a daughter, Elle, who is two months old. Like her husband, they also make appearances on her Instagram, even though they aren't included on the show itself, and it's unclear if they'll be seen on the show when they get older.

Vander and her husband are in a long-distance marriage. 

While Vander lives and works in Los Angeles, her husband is based out of Miami. They travel back and forth to see each other, which has to be a challenge (especially now that they have two small children), but so far, they seem to be making it work — high powered careers, reality show, and all. Seriously impressive stuff! 

Vander appears to enjoy keeping things as private as possible.

After watching co-star Chrishell Stause go through her divorce with ex Justin Hartley, Vander said in the same interview that she is glad that her relationship is much less public.

“I think doing a reality show is very risky, obviously," she said. "You guys saw what happened to Chrishell. Everything is exposed in public and it’s not the best thing. And even her ex-husband was not in the show. So I rather keep my life private. You know, it’s more boring and unfortunately, because of that, I think I have less scenes that don’t share as much as I would love to. But it is what it is.”

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