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'Selling Sunset': Who Is Amanza Smith?

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'Selling Sunset': Who Is Amanza Smith

Selling Sunset is back for a second season. The Netflix reality series follows the lives of people selling high-end real estate is the perfect summer binge-watch. This season, a new realtor named Amanza Smith is shaking things up among the other agents and adding new drama. 

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Smith is an interior designer who has moved into home sales only recently. She brags that design is her passion but selling homes is how she will provide a better life for her kids. She's a single mom who is raising the two children from her marriage to NFL player Ralph Brown.


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The couple split up eight years ago, after Brown's playing days were over. She mentions him in passing on the show — including at one point, not knowing his whereabouts and potentially ahving o take full custody of their kids — prompting vieweres to wonder about who, exactly, Ralph Brown is.

Who is Amanza Smiths' ex-husband and baby daddy, Ralph Brown?

Read on for all the details. 

Who is Amanza Smith?

Selling Sunset profiles the incredibly glamorous real estate agents who work at a very fancy Los Angeles brokerage. Now in its second season, the Netflix show has now introduced Amanza Smith, an interior designer who has been staging houses for the group for eight years already. Getting her real estate license is a new credential and she says she chose to go that direction to make a better life for the two kids she has with her ex-husband Ralph Brown.


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Brown and Smith have two children together. 

Who is Ralph Brown? 

He was Cornhusker. Brown grew up in California but he headed to the Midwest for college. He played cornerback at Nebraska from 1996-1999,. His college career was highly promising and he was named All-American in 1999. He set school records on pass deflections and he was the first position player to start his first game as a true freshman since World War II.

Brown played for several different NFL teams.

Brown was drafted by the Giants in 2000 and stayed there for four years. He was a special teams player and didn't see a lot of playing time. In his first year, he suffered a lacerated kidney on the field and was benched for the rest of the season.  After his years with the Giants, he moved around to Minnesota, Cleveland, and ended his career in Arizona.

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What happened after his football years? 

In Season 2 of Selling Sunset, Smith explained that she and Brown had been together for nine years. They tied the knot in 2010 and broke up not long after the birth of their second child, who is now eight years old.

At the time of their split, Smith said Brown hadn't even been financially able to pay child support and she was left doing whatever it took to take care of her kids. She was cleaning houses and working hourly jobs to pay the rent. 

Brown had already been out of the league for a couple of years at that point so he wasn't pulling in a football salary anymore. There's not a lot of information on what he was doing for work at that time.

Where is he now?

Smith referenced Brown in a conversation on camera where she talked about how he has a serious girlfriend. She noted that the woman in his life is also in her kids' lives but she has never met this woman. However, Smith was discreet enough not to say her name or make any judgment about her while the cameras were rolling. She also left out any details about what Brown was doing for a living or how their co-parenting relationship is going. At one point on camera, Smith also made a teary reference to not knowing where Brown was, prompting speculation that she may have to file for full custody of their children, Noah and Braker Davis, who make a brief appearance on the Season 2 finale at Mary Fitzgerald's wedding to Romain Bonnet. 

Wherever he is, Brown's seemingly keeping a low-profile.

Despite his ex-wife's sudden notoriety, Brown, who is now 41 years old, seems to plan on stay off the media radar. We can't even find him on social media. Will he ever resurface? Only time will tell.

Selling Sunset Season 2 is streaming on Netflix. 

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