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Was Claudia Conway Arrested? Details About Her Alleged Arrest For ‘Fake Assault Charges’

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Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway, 15, alleged that she was arrested for “fake assault charges” during a TikTok Live video on August 5. If you’re unaware, Claudia is the daughter of senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and Lincoln Project founder George Conway.

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Was Claudia Conway arrested?

In a series of TikTok videos posted on the teen’s account the day after she went live, Claudia claims that her mom Kellyanne Conway had her arrested for making “false allegations.”

“Kellyanne just called me and said I’m putting her life in danger by speaking out and how im gonna get arrested again for making ‘false allegations,’” she captioned a TikTok video. 

About an hour before the previous video was posted, Claudia posted this TikTok about having her mom getting her arrested for “something she didn’t do.”

And shortly before that video was posted, Claudia uploaded another video that reads, “you think u can hurt my feelings? Lol my mom is kellyanne conway.”

What happened between Claudia Conway and her parents?

Let’s get one thing straight: Claudia Conway clearly has polar opposite viewpoints compared to her mother’s when it comes to politics. The TikTok star and teen activist regularly posts about important issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement, and calls Trump out for his absurd policies and asinine tweets.

In the beginning of July, Claudia and Kellyanne got into an on-air scuffle during one of Claudia’s live videos, which you can see below.

Shortly after, Claudia returned to her live stream looking very upset while her mom said, “Wow, all these people have nothing to do?” in regards to her daughter’s social media followers who were tuning into the video. She then took Claudia’s phone away, saying, “Mine!” and ended the video. 

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Who’s the teenager and who’s the adult in this situation?

Anyway, Claudia then announced that her parents were forcing her to get off social media with a tweet that read, “My parents are forcing me to delete social media so this is my last tweet. apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake! love you all so much. keep fighting. [heart].”

Why are fans concerned for Claudia Conway?

Social media users everywhere have grown more concerned for the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne Conway following her return to social media shortly after being forced off by her parents — particularly because of the series of TikTok videos she posted on August 6. 

What’s even more concerning is that Claudia Conway retweeted the recap tweet of her TikTok Live herself, seemingly asking for help with distancing herself as far away from her Trump-loving mother as possible. 

She even tweeted about how to get into contact with pro bono lawyers, prompting social media users to become even more concerned for her well-being.

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