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Who Is Kevin David On 'Marrying Millions'? Meet The Millionaire Who Asked His Girlfriend To Split The Bill

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Kevin David

Kevin David joined the cast of Marrying Millions for season 2, and judging from the teaser for the Lifetime reality show about couples in relationships where one person has a substantial amount of money and the other doesn’t, his relationship is definitely going to be the one to watch.

Who is Kevin David on Marrying Millions?

Kevin David is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who made his fortune doing eCommerce and online marketing.

According to his official website, David “is an expert in finding the best and innovative ways to make money online” and is an eCommerce coach. 

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The entrepreneur refers to himself as “The Unemployed CEO” and owns four companies: MarketerMagic, AMZ Done for You, ShopInspect, and ZonBase.

Kevin David also teaches something called an Amazon FBA Ninja course, which supposedly teaches people how to make money online.

The Oregon-native also hosts a podcast called The Kevin David Experience, and has a YouTube channel of the same name. 

How much is Kevin David’s net worth?

Kevin David’s net worth is reportedly around $50 million dollars; however, he is extremely frugal with his money.

This can be seen when he takes his 23-year-old girlfriend, Kattie, to a restaurant and then suggests they split the bill. 


A post shared by Kevin David (@kevindavid) on Jul 5, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT

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In another preview clip for the Marrying Millions Season 2 opener, Kattie asks David if she can borrow $1000 to help pay her rent, to which he replies, “If I had like, a ‘normal person’ job, you wouldn’t ask me.”

Kattie clearly isn’t happy about their money situation, as shown again during a scene where she says, “There are literally guys out there who would throw money and gifts at me.”

What are fans saying about Kevin David on Marrying Millions?

Social media users are torn about Kevin David’s behavior in the Season 2 opener teasers.

One Instagram user wrote, “I would have never dated a guy like him. Yes it’s important to contribute equally in a relationship when it comes to living expenses and bills as a couple sharing the same space. However, that’s a damn restaurant bill! How stingy can this man be with the woman he supposedly loves??!!”

Another simply wrote, “Run, girl, run!”


A post shared by Kevin David (@kevindavid) on Mar 22, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT

A fan on YouTube, however, is stoked to see Kevin’s relationship play out on the small screen. “Im [sic] from the marketing world and I'm embarrassed at how excited I am to watch how Kevin David's relationship unfolds lol,” she wrote.

Who is Kattie — and are Kevin and Kattie still together?

One YouTube viewer brought up an interesting point about Kevin and Kattie’s relationship: No one seems to know who Kattie is or if they're still together.

“Why is Kevin David in this and why didn't I know he had a girlfriend?” the puzzled YouTuber questioned.

If you take a scroll through Kevin’s Instagram page, there’s no sign of Kattie anywhere; however, there are pictures of his friends, himself, and tons of shameless self-promotion. None of the media outlets promoting the new season list her last name, no one seems to have been able to find her on social media, and the show's Wikipedia page hasn't even been updated to add Kevin and Kattie as members of the cast.

One thing’s for sure: it’ll be interesting to see how Kevin and Kattie’s relationship plays out this season.

Marrying Millions airs on Wednesdays on Lifetime at 10/9c.

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