Take This Reincarnation Astrology Quiz To Find Out How You Died + Who You Were In A Past Life

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Take This Reincarnation Astrology Quiz To Find Out How You Died + Who You Were In A Past Life

Is there such a thing as life after death?

Some believe that there is, and let's imagine if there is, couldn't there then be life after death where you are reborn into a new body?

There's a branch of astrology that explores the idea of the after life and it's called reincarnation astrology.

In each person's natal chart, there's even a zodiac sign for a node that reveals who you once were and what unfinished business you have left to complete. 

Some people have crazy phobias for no reason in their current life. For example, a person can be deathly afraid of drowning and they don't have valid explanation for that fear.

The only explanation is death or a trauma from a past life.

Have you ever wondering who you were in a past life? Or how you might have died...or if it was a violent death for a noble cause?

Did you simply die peacefully of old age? Did you suffer?

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Did the suffering of your past life leave a mark on your soul so deep that it still affects you today, even in your new body?

What era did your past self-live in? Did your past-self dance the Charleston or do “the twist”? These are all questions that would pique anyone’s interest.

So, we’re here to help you discover for yourself — because everyone should know about their own soul's experiences!

Maybe you died quietly in your bed with your soul mate like in The Notebook (that’s how I want to go). Or maybe you went out in a blaze of glory (with or without a cause). To end this nearly pointless guessing game we have put together this fun reincarnation quiz to determine how exactly you died in your past life.

Start clicking on options and discover what happened for yourself!

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Have you ever passed somebody on the street and had the weirdest feeling that you know them … although you’re not sure why? Or been oddly infatuated with a vintage item or something considered “classic” without any obvious explanation

Or maybe you’ve been having a reoccurring dream that is unexplainable? While experiencing reoccurring dreams CAN be a symptom of an unresolved emotional issue and/or a trauma in this life. They can also be hinting at an unresolved issue from your past life.

It’s important to not brush off reoccurring dreams. Instead try keeping a dream journal (especially for reoccurring dreams) where you write down as much detail as you can as soon as you wake up. Maybe there is a symbol somewhere in the dream hinting at the unresolved problem you’re facing.

The idea of reincarnation is simply the belief that our souls don’t die along with our physical bodies, but instead are reborn in a new body after each biological death. It’s a fascinating idea.

And when we experience that very familiar feeling of Deja vu so frequently, it starts to make more and more sense.

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Maybe the reason you feel like you know the person you pass in the street is because you did know them, in a previous life. Or maybe in a different life you owned that vintage item that caught your eye.

Reincarnation means that we become a different person every time our souls get a new body. This means that every new life, you are almost guaranteed to be born at a different point in time and therefore, be a completely different astrological zodiac sign.

All of these things have a profound effect on how we view the world and interact with others. Discover another factor affecting the way you interact with the world by finding out how you left it the last go round and reincarnated back to planet Earth again.

So, how did your past-self die? Be sure to share with your friends to see how they died too!

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