Why Are Leos So Lucky?

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What Makes Leos So Lucky?

Leos aren’t the luckiest sign, but they are high on the list. Maybe it has to do with their warmth and generosity that gets them into great places of luck.

Why are Leos so lucky?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is the first planet we turn to in astrology. The Sun is also Leo's tarot card, and it means that no matter what happens the result is favorable.

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Whatever makes Leo so lucky, it’s not something to try and copy, it just comes around.

Here is a look behind Leo’s characteristics, which helps them to be so lucky and some things Leos should look for to keep that luck around longer.

Here are several reasons why Leos are so lucky, per astrology:

No matter what a Leo tries, luck is just on their side.

Even after collecting four-leaf clovers and decorating your house with horseshoes, luck just is not your friend.

But somehow your friend seems to have luck wrapped around their finger. And you know they are a Leo, so does that have any correlation?

Leos are so lucky in leadership.

Leos are natural-born leaders and hold a “king of the jungle” mindset. They belong to elements of fire and are a Sun sign.

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Leos tend to be dramatic, dominant, and difficult to resist, but that doesn't change why they are so lucky.

Leos make up for all shortcomings with their creativity, self-confidence, and commitment to achieving anything they put their minds to.

Leos are so lucky in friendship.

Friends appreciate Leos for their loyalty and generosity, so this is why they are lucky in friendship, too.

Leos are capable of uniting different groups of people and lead them towards shared causes, and their sense of humor helps others during all collaborations.

Because they are ruled by the Sun, Leo’s search for self-awareness is constantly growing their egos.

Leos are so lucky because they are aware of their desires and can easily ask for everything they need.

Leos are lucky because of their ruling planets.

Leos are lucky because their ninth house of good fortune is ruled by Mars. As a result, they are progressive in their thinking and use it to make their way in life.

Thinking outside the box is an inventive way they approach work and relationships. Because of their natural luck, people are drawn to them and look to them for guidance and security.

Spiritual exercises and remedial measures help to overcome negative patterns of karma and increase opportunities to attract relationships, position, power, and wealth.

In love, passion and intensity are always at the surface and loyalty is not something that will be questioned by both people.

Leos are so lucky because of their ruling elements.

Their lucky gem is a ruby, which is a gemstone of the Sun and helps Leos to take action in what they want in life.

The ruby stimulates the masculine side and its energy increase the vitality and life-force, stimulates the mind, promotes motivation, determination, and strength of will.

Their lucky day is Sunday. During Egyptian times, Sunday was reserved to celebrate and honor the sung god Ra, who was seen as the creator of everything.

In Hebrew and Christian traditional calendars, Sunday is set as the first day of the week and brings new beginnings for the upcoming week.

Lucky dates for Leos are the 1st, 5th, and the 15th of each month. Their luckiest days throughout the year are the 1st, 5th, and the 15th of January and May.

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Leo's lucky numbers are five and one.

Five stands out for Leos because they are the fifth zodiac sign, and the Pythagoreans believed the number was the sacred marriage between heaven and earth.

One stands out for Leos because one is said to be ruled by the Sun and is referred by the Pythagoreans as the “monad”, which means it has no parts and therefore is invisible (the number symbolized the creator).

The luckiest times of the day are between one and five o’clock. And their luck is doubled during these times on the lucky days of the month.

Their lucky colors are orange, gold, and red. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, fascination, and determination, gold is associated with compassion, magic, and wisdom, and red is associated with energy, strength, and power.

Now that you know what makes Leos so lucky, you might want to find one to stay friends with. And who knows, maybe their luck will rub off on you.

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