White Magic Spell For Power

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White Magic Spell For Power

White magic can help you to gain power in your life. You don’t have to be money hungry or a politician to seek dominance in your life.

What white magic spell works for power?

Using simple ingredients, you can use this white magic spell for power, and the best part is that it works.

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White magic spells can be used to shed a light on your brilliance and add validity to your voice without stepping on others to be able to gain the power you seek to have, even in small ways.

A white magic spell is a harmless tool that can create a confidence boost for even the most bashful person on Earth.

Power can be hard to obtain, especially if you feel shy or like you’re taking up too much space to demand some control in your life.

White magic can help you to focus on a goal and it is the solution you need to feel more confident about the boundaries you set and the words that you must say.

Are you the parent that no one listens to? Is your boss not listening to your ideas about how to make your company a success?

A white magic power spell can help give you a sense of control lacking in your life during tough times.

Do people keep crossing your boundaries, no matter how firm you feel you set them? Try a powerful spell using white magic.

You don't have to be a white witch to do a spell. At times you might not have the strength to assert yourself but you don't need to seek control in darker ways, instead turn to the light and some white magic.

Use your natural energy to become more assertive, heard, and respected.

Here is a white magic spell for power that you can invoke confidence:

Materials needed for your white magic spell:

If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, feel free to trade them out for the resources you have already.

You are the one creating this magic; this spell is flexible and meant to best serve you.

Your favorite face scrub

The mask you will create uses your face scrub as a base.

The mask will be worn while saying your white magic power spell.


Honey is used to sweeten the deal with your spell. It makes a great base, not just for a lot of different spells, but speaking in cosmetology terms for a face mask! This is meant to bring you more luck and success in the spell you’re casting.

Honey can be traded for another base, just make sure that it's sticky.

Powdered cinnamon

The spice of the cinnamon is meant to awaken you to bring you to your highest potential. The smell is meant to bring you to a higher form of confidence, which will help you gain the power you wish to have.

Dried jasmine flowers

The jasmine flowers are used to help cleanse your aura; this will change the way people will view you. It also helps relax you, so you don’t stress so much, and brings you to your highest power. Dried jasmine can be replaced with roses or wildflowers in your neighborhood.

It’s great for manifesting money as well. Much like the cinnamon, this flower will also bring you confidence. Jasmine is used for planting an idea in the universe’s soul, in the hopes that your spell helps it grow.

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How to perform your white magic spell for power:

  1. Clean your face as you would normally. I would advise doing a more invigorating scrub, even if you mix together some sea salt with water or old coffee grounds.
  2. You want to cleanse away any negative energies that are resting on your face and scrub to a new, glowing aura.
  3. Rinse the scrub off your face and pat dry. Be sure to keep your hair pulled back off your face before proceeding with the spell for less of a mess.
  4. Mix together the honey, a sprinkle of powdered cinnamon, and a few dried jasmine flowers. You are only making enough to create a mask to thinly cover your face.

Apply the mask you have created to your face. Make sure it is applied evenly and smoothly across your skin.

Once the mask is on, look in your mirror and say the following three times:

“I am powerful

I always have been

It has just been silent within me.

I believe in myself

Enough to know I can be the change I wish to be in the world.

I know I am enough

To accomplish what I need to.

I will be heard

I will be seen

And I demand the respect I deserve.

Spirit hears me.

So it is.”

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After you have invoked your spell three times (if it brings you more confidence to say it more than three times — say it a number of times that brings you comfort) wash the mask off your face.

Watching the mask as it spirals down the drain.

Move on with the rest of your day with the understanding that your power is now growing.

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