White Magic Spell For Focus

White Magic Spell For Focus

Witchcraft and white magic spells can be used to do good. We know that key ingredients to success are concentration and drive.

However, in a busy world full of distractions, we can find that it is difficult to find focus while living such a hectic life, but a white magic spell can help

Is there a white magic spell for focus?

Yes, and you may already have what you need to do this white magic spell at home.

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Performing a white magic spell can help you set a powerful intention for clarity and focused attention.

Without focus, we know that we will be unable to accomplish our goals, yet even in knowing this, sometimes it’s the biggest struggle to sit down and do the work. 

This can be a problem for people who have attention deficit hyperactivity or disorders and people who have lived through traumatic experiences that now struggle with dissociation. 

However, through the path of the witch and a little white magic, we can create solutions and a healthier mindset to be able to focus on accomplishing our biggest goals. 

Here's a white magic spell for witches to help increase focus. 

White magic spell materials

All ingredients listed are optional; feel free to replace any of the materials listed with things that you already have on hand.

This list is just a suggestion based on practices that are set in place and known to work, but magic comes from what you create and not from the ingredients you use. 

Amethyst water

Tealight candle 

Lavender oil 

Peppermint tea


Juice of a lemon slice



How to perform your white magic spell

The night before the day you need your focus, take a clean piece of amethyst and place it in a container full of water.

This can be a teapot, a mason jar, or just a coffee cup.

The amethyst will charge the energy of your water, as amethyst is a great crystal to raise the vibration pull for healing, relaxation, and focusing on work. 

Sleep and let the crystal do its work. 

Start your morning off by brewing your tea, starting with heating your amethyst water.

If you don’t have a kettle to heat your tea on, you can zap it in the microwave but be sure to remove the amethyst before doing this!

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While your water heats, anoint your tealight with lavender oil.

Anointing your candles with oil is an optional step but many witches find that it can provide more power to your spellwork, some witches swearing by oils. 

Light your candle; this is beginning the spell and letting the spirits know you are ready to work to create something magical in your life. 

After the amethyst water is heated, use a peppermint tea to step in the hot water.

You can use a teabag or if you prefer you can use a loose-leaf blend.

Peppermint, even outside of witchcraft, is known to help stimulate alertness. Some educators even hand out peppermint candies before testing their students to help them stay focused on their assignments.

Working with these herbs will help not only magically, but scientifically help you stay on track for your goals and work. 

Add some honey for sweetness. Honey is believed to sweeten the outcome of the spell you're performing and is often used in ritualistic work with many witches.

You can also leave out some honey in your outside area as an offering for the fae if you so choose or believe. This will also strengthen the potency of your spellwork. 

Add the juice of a lemon slice into your tea, to taste. The extract of lemons can help aid in concentration, and will aide wonderfully with the peppermint tea to help you really focus. 

When everything is added to your tea in a wonderful potion medley, begin to sip while transcribing on paper what you want to focus on.

Write yourself a list of the goals you have in your sight to accomplish for the day. You can make these as short cliff notes or long-winded, poetic lines. 

Fold your paper in half towards you. On the paper, draw the rune Isa; this is to invoke control over your own thoughts and mind. 

Finish drinking the tea while the candle burns out. Once the flame is no longer lit your spell and intentions are heard. Proceed with your day having the focus and clarity you need.

Put your energy into the universe knowing that the best possible outcome is coming your way and that you are already on the right path to success just by trying to work harder. 

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Tea Jones is a tarotist, psychic, and certified Level III Reiki Master Practitioner who writes about spirituality, witchcraft, tarot, and divination.