What Is A White Witch?

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What Is A White Witch?

What is a white witch? Perhaps you don't even know that there are different types of witches.

The term witch is broadly used, and some don't even know what a white witch is.

What is a white witch?

A white witch is defined as a person who practices white magick. She is beneficent and does not harm others with her witchcraft.

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Most people are unaware of the many paths a person can take to become a witch.

A white witch is one path to witchcraft that a lot of new witches tend to flock to is the path of the white witch.

White magick is thought to be one of the original practices of witchcraft, basing its energy off healing and higher good for all.

It is believed when you heal yourself through white magick you start creating a ripple effect of healing, which attracts people who are learning what a white witch is.

White magick passes energy to others. It creates better intentions. A white witch is somehow who projects the healing out into the universe.

The idea of white witches stems from ancient healers.

These were one of the original witches, creating concoctions to help aid in assisting people’s higher good and recovery.

What is the difference between white magick and black magick?

Where it is thought that black magick works with the shadow, white magick works with the light.

Because of the difference between white and black magick, white magick had the privilege of never being frowned upon, unlike other equally valid forms of witchcraft.

A white witch uses magick to push positivity.

It draws the attention of the optimist as a better outlook on life and control over reality.

The idea behind white magick is raising vibrations, ultimately leading to the highest version of self possible.

This practice is considered by white witches to be more feminine than other paths of witchcraft but this does not mean it is exclusive to people who identify as females.

This craft is open to all. Oftentimes, white witches are denoted as matriarchal figures; grandmothers, and fairy godmothers, who only wish for the benefit of all.

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A white witch is drawn to the idea of love and light, blessings, and fortune.

White magick is considered a wonderful path for manifesters and those who believe in the law of attraction and the powers of the universe.

I like to view white witchery as a warm, full of sunshine motivational speaker, reminding you that you are worthy, that you are so powerful, and you’re destined for greatness.

This helps a lot of people feel better about themselves and their future.

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White witches are constantly battling the darkness, banishing it away from themselves and those they love.

White witches are lightworkers, casting brightness into the darkest of shadows.

White witches would never hex or curse anyone.

They will always approach their path with positivity and radiance.

Like all paths of witchcraft, you do not have to worship a deity.

If you choose, you can worship Goddess, be it a specific goddess from ancient mythologies, or the idea of a vague higher power.

If a higher energetic being is too much for you to digest, that’s no problem!

You can also find worship in their earth, something that is tangible that you can see.

If the earth isn’t what moves you, find yourself as your higher power.

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Find respect and idolize your inner child, create a vision of who you will be, and look to them for advice.

The path of the white witch is often enriching and moving.

It is one of the most welcoming mindsets to come into practice.

White witches hold great power and are highly respected in the community, still to this day known as healers and movement makers.

You might even find that you already are practicing white magick without even realizing it.

If you are drawn to homeopathic remedies and concoctions, find that you have a desire to help others on their journey, or are strongly connected to the world around you — you might be a natural white witch.

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