14 Early Signs You're Having A Boy To Look For During Your Pregnancy

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14 Early Signs You're Having A Boy During Your Pregnancy

Some of the longest weeks in pregnancy are spent waiting for a baby’s sex reveal. 

A common theory is that if hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone, levels are lower than it typically means you’re having a male-sexed fetus.

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Early Pregnancy Signs You’re Having A Boy

While this isn’t completely backed by science, there have been old wives' tales and signs that you may be having a little boy, even before getting your ultrasound or blood test. 

1. You're feeling relaxed.

Boy moms tend to be much more relaxed at the beginning of their pregnancy, suffering less from mood swings and emotional outbursts. However, regardless of gender, all pregnant moms will have some grace during pregnancy.

2. Your hands lay a certain way on your belly.

Try using the pregnancy hand test. The idea behind this is that you will place your hands cupping your belly; if your hands turn inward versus outward the theory is that means you are having a baby boy. 

3. Your hair starts growing thick and long.

Your hair likely becomes luscious if you’re a boy mama.

Be warned; this isn’t just your head hair coming in wildly. Your body hair may increase and become more coarse during your pregnancy as well. 

4. You're dreaming about female babies.

If you or your partner are having dreams about little girls it is more likely that you are actually having a boy! This is an old wives’ tale that turned out to be true during my own pregnancy.

5. You have little-to-no morning sickness.

Boy moms are less likely to become ill during their first trimester than girl moms. This is because the hCG hormone is a big catalyst in morning sickness; the less there is the less the chances are at upchucking! 

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6. You have dry hands.

If your hands are drier during pregnancy, the wives’ tale predicts that you are having a little boy. It is said that softer hands are a sign of a little girl instead. 

7. You're craving salty snacks.

If you are craving salty more than sweet you might be having a boy! Girl mommies are much more likely to be craving sweets in their first trimester while it is found that boy moms want more meat and foods sprinkled with a little salt. 

8. You're a little smelly.

Devour a clove of garlic; the legend is that if you’re having a boy you will smell, while girl moms will not emit a scent. 

9. You're glowing.

Boy moms radiate a pregnancy glow. The hormones that girl moms experience tend to cause more acne breakouts and looking more tired. It is an old wive’s tale that little girls steal their mother’s beauty, but regardless, we think you're a beautiful mama!

10. Your ultrasound reveals a big baby.

Boy babies are typically longer than girl babies. At your ultrasound compare measurements to data online! If your baby seems to be on the longer side, you might be having a boy!

11. Your ultrasound reveals a fast heartbeat.

The fetal heart rate is faster. It is found on average that girls have a very slightly slower heartbeat than boys do! It used to be found to be the opposite, but that myth has been busted!

12. You’re all stomach.

When your bump starts growing and it is rounded, typically lower, it is more likely that you are having a boy. Boy moms carry as if they have a basketball in their shirt. 

13. Your partner doesn’t gain sympathy weight.

It is believed that if your partner does gain alongside you, you are more likely to opt to have a girl. If your partner stays in their shape without much fluctuating, it is a theory that it is more likely that you are having a boy. 

14. Your feet are always cold.

This has to do with the hormones you experience throughout pregnancy, but the legend is that cold feet are a sure sign of a little boy!

However, none of these are based entirely on the scientific community. If you are looking to know the sex of your baby, the best ways to be sure are through ultrasounds, noninvasive prenatal testing, or a nuchal translucency scan.

Talk to your doctor if you are curious about learning more! 

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